Can AARP's Silver Dividend Change Perceptions of Wisconsin Seniors?

Apr 25, 2017

MADISON, Wis. - Spend a little now - save a lot later.

That's the essence of AARP Wisconsin's Silver Dividend campaign, which aims to maximize the number of older Wisconsinites who can continue to live in their own homes and communities, with reduced reliance on government programs. And AARP is carrying that message to state lawmakers in budget hearings across the state.

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Gas prices are moving up again as the warmer weather driving months appoach.

Senior Petroleum analyst for the website gas buddy dot com....Patrick DeHaan  gives us an update....

".....prices across Wisconsin, $2.40 a gallon. Prices are a couple cents higher than that in Rhinelander with most prices at $2.42. We're looking at prices that are about 20 cents higher than a month ago. We've continued to see prices advance. This is the time of the year we generally see gas prices go up....."

NOAA, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

The state's waters are open again for another boating year, but the DNR's top aquatic invasive species person says staying vigilant will slow the spread of unwanted plants and critters.

The DNR's Bob Wakeman says boaters are required to inspect their boats and equipment before they launch to see what plants might be attached to the boat. He says be sure to drain water from vehicles, boats and equipment...

Monday, April 24 Evening Newscast

Apr 24, 2017

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Anniversaries are always a good time to remember...and today is WXPR's 34th anniversary.

A group of dedicated volunteers answered the call by Peter Nordgren to establish a public radio station in northern Wisconsin. After more than 3 years of planning and fundraising, WXPR signed on at noon on Sunday, April 24, 1983.

On the anniversary day, Ken Krall talked with founder Peter Nordgren about the station...

Never Forgotten Honor Flight

86 veterans have departed on the next Never Forgotten Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.

The flight took off this morning from Central Wisconsin Airport to take veterans from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts to see the memorials to those wars and other related sights.

Flight Co-Founder Jim Campbell says this is the 27th Never Forgotten Honor Flight to leave central Wisconsin....

Oneida county landlords and property managers are invited to a luncheon meeting May 3 to discuss people who are homeless in the region.

The Northern Wisconsin Initiative to Stop Homelessness...or N*WISH  is hosting the meeting.

Spokesperson Lori Hallas says agencies like Forward Service Corporation offer assistance to people who are struggling to find shelter. She says there are other agencies that also provide rent assistance....

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A Minocqua elector put the elected town treasurer on the hot seat at the annual meeting Thursday, April 20, but in the end, even he voted against his motion to make the position an appointed post.

Friday, April 21 Evening Newscast

Apr 21, 2017

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With Earth Day upon us, next we'll hear from Tia Nelson, daughter of the founder of Earth Day, former Wisconsin U.S. Senator and Governor, Gaylord Nelson. Tia is recognized for her work on climate change. She served 17 years with The Nature Conservancy, including serving as the first director of its global Climate Change Initiative. For her work, she received the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Protection Award in 2000.


Ali Paris Concert

Ali Paris

Friday, May 5th UWMC Center for Civic Engagement, Wausau

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WXPR Concert Series at Nicolet

Unity the Band

Saturday, June 3rd. The annual WXPR Concert Series continues to be a favorite event and with good reason - stacked with amazing talent, every concert is a must-see!


State Officials Bring Grant Money To Northwoods Fab Labs

21 Wisconsin School Districts were awarded Fab Lab grants today including Rhinelander, Northland Pines, Phelps, Phillips, and Lakeland Union High School in Oneida, Price and Vilas counties. A top state official says the Fab Lab started here and has now spread across the states. The Fabrication Laboratories take state of the art computer and Internet technology and harness it to create projects. Some say when it is fully fleshed out, it could revoloutionize manufacturing in rural America....

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