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A rare bird that ornithologists are trying to attract to Vilas county has been de-listed from the federal list of threatened and endangered species. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced recently  its plans to remove Kirtland's Warbler from the list.

DNR conservation biologist Davin Lopez says the warbler is a success story. At one point there were just a couple hundred birds living in Michigan, now more than 2,000 are known to exist in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ontario.

Lopez says Vilas county has the right habitat to attract a viable population...

Friends of the Kinni

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RIVER FALLS, Wis. - The Kinnickinic River is at the heart of River Falls, Wisconsin, and offers visitors to the Twin Cities area opportunities for trout fishing, kayaking and more.

But advocates for the Kinnickinic say the two dams on the river put its health in jeopardy, and it's on a list of 10 "most endangered" rivers, compiled by the group American Rivers.

Kadena Air Base

Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the U.S. each year.

April has been designated as Child Abuse and Neglect and Prevention Month.

The need for short-and-longer term foster care is also being emphasized.

Two staff members from Oneida County Social Services spoke recently about child abuse.

Social worker-foster care coordinator Rachel Nelson and Supervisor Beth Hoerchler talked about the need to report, the signs of abuse, the number of cases,  and how more foster parents are needed. We hear first from Rachel Nelson...


The Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association is hosting it's annual Memories and Melodies fundraiser this weekend and they are hoping for a large turnout to help fund local Alzheimer's efforts.

The event features music, dinner raffles and auctions to help those afflicted with the disease. The event is being held at Holiday Acres resort near Rhinelander.

One of the resort's owners, Kari Zambon, had family members affected by it and the event is always a special time for her...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

More snow and cold this weekend raises the concern that the continuing thick ice on many Northwoods lakes could lead to problems with fish kills.

DNR northern fisheries manager Mike Vogelsang in Woodruff says the added snow is not a bonus for the fish...

"....we're already starting with a couple of feet of snow on the ground and adding this snow along with very thick ice, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if we had some winterkill issues this spring...."

'Listen Up' Session Featured Energized Citizens

Apr 15, 2018
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From issues of Northwoods’ water quality, to healthcare, to gold and silver as acceptable payment for debt, two dozen people voiced concerns to their elected representatives Saturday in Rhinelander.

About 70 people ignored the threat of a major snowstorm to take part in the listening session sponsored by the Northwoods Friends for Civic Participation and the group Voters Engaged. Coordinator Jane Banning says she is gratified with the response to the listening session.

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A Rhinelander area man has been charged in Vilas county with alleged false imprisonment, attempted robbery with the use of force and burglary, all felonies.

Judge Neal Nielsen amended bond to $1,000 cash for 43 year old Timothy Kulhanek  Thursday in Vilas County Circuit Court.

Internet court records indicate Judge Nielsen also set conditions that Kulhanek have no contact with one person, not to go to Glick's Store in Minocqua, not possess alcohol or go in taverns and make an appointment for mental health counseling.

A preliminary hearing was set for May 17.

Report: Many Baby Boomers Unprepared for Retirement

Apr 13, 2018
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WASHINGTON - A new study confirms what others already have concluded: Many Baby Boomers haven't saved a dime for retirement, which can't help but mean trouble as they reach retirement age.

This is National Retirement Planning Week, an effort by consumer advocates, educators and financial-service organizations to promote comprehensive retirement planning.


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