The warm summer temperatures can lead to a problem no one should ignore: heatstroke, especially among children in a confined area.

Friday is National Heatstroke Prevention Day.

Tammi Boers from the Vilas County Health Department says children left in cars are at risk. On average every 8 days a child dies from heatstroke when left in a vehicle...

Philip Chard

A Wisconsin pschyotherapist who writes an award-winning column for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will speak Thursday at Nicolet College.

Philip Chard writes the column "Out of My Mind". He will talk on enhancing mental wellness and achieving greater wellbeing. He says within the field of psychology there's an effort to move away from constant-problem focus...

"..and embrace more of a positive psychology approach which is lets study how people report a lot of wellbeing and life satisfaction are able to accomplish that..."

The Deer Tick is also responsible for at least two other illnesses besides the widely known Lyme Disease.

Lyme disease is a concern in northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, and can cause a variety of flu-like symptoms. But Char Ahrens of Oneida County Public Health says  Anaplasmosis , and Ehrlichiosis  and other illnesses are a concern.

Sometimes those problems are in conjunction with having Lyme Disease.  Ahrens outlines the symptoms...

"Lily's House" Shelter Nearing Completion

Jul 15, 2015

Many have probably driven past the current domestic violence shelter without giving it a second glance. It looks like a regular single-family home.

Shellie Holmes, the Executive  Director of Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, explains the move to a more visible and comforting location.

“There’s been quite an evolution I guess you’d say in our movement, where it used to be people that hung out in secret, and they put people away in places that were maybe sub-standard,” Holmes said.

A rare, but potentially fatal disease causes officials to take action when reported.

Public Health Nurse for  Oneida County, Char Ahrens, says rabies is a concern this time of year. The viral disease is transmitted mainly from one mammal to another. While the wide majority of rabies cases are wild animal transmissions, a dog or cat bite will require the quantining of the animal to see if they develop rabies.

Ahrens says pet owners should know that animal bites lead to the animal being quarantined...

So far no reported cases of West Nile Virus in the Northwoods.

It's  an infection spread to  people by the bite of a mosquito infected with the virus.   Mosquitoes get infected with West Nile virus by  feeding on infected birds. The first human case of West Nile happened in Wisconsin was reported in 2002.

Char Ahrens from Oneida County Public Health says while the disease has been in the Northwoods in prior years...

" far we have no reported cases of West Nile Virus activity in Oneida or surrounding counties...."

Visitors to Northwoods beaches are cautioned to be aware of the annual 'swimmers itch' you can get while splashing in the water.

Maria Skubal of  the Oneida County Health Department says its caused by a microscopic parasite that if it finds a human will attach to the skin. It causes an intense burning or itching sensation. She says avoid areas where geese, gulls or ducks frequent or marshy areas...

Members of the Rhinelander Fire Department Local #1028 will be hitting the street later this week to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association through the Fill the Boot Campaign. Money that passers-by drop into their boots all goes to fund research and support patients in the Northeastern Wisconsin and U.P, says fundraising coordinator Heather Buchberger. “We do MDA clinics where clients can go see their pulmonologist, physical therapist, and everything for no cost to them," says Buchburger.

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program provides preventive health screening services to women with little or no health insurance coverage. Well Woman pays for mammograms, Pap tests, certain other health screenings. While the program continues, state officials moved make changes, they say, resulting from Obamacare that enabled a regional, rather than county, approach. The program changed July 1.

The Community Blood Center's annual Mobile Army Surgical Hospital blood drive takes place Tuesday at Pioneer Park in Rhinelander.

Experts say summer is a critical time to donate because blood supplies drop because people are busy elsewhere, yet the need rises because there's more injuries because people are more active.

Local MASH Drive coordinator Jerry Shidell says the collection point is designed to remind people of a MASH operation...