Nicolet College will be celebrating 25 years having an Associate Degree Nursing Program on May 3.

Current and former Nursing faculty and staff will be on hand that afternoon along with special guests and former students are welcome.

Dean of Health Occupations Dr. Lenore Blemke says initially the nursing program was shared with North Central Technical College but once it was proven there was enough enrollment from the Northwoods, the program has thrived...

Fentanyl is a drug used as an anesthetic used to prevent pain after surgery or other medical procedures. The drug is being spiked into heroin and a DEA official says that combination can be lethal to users.

Christopher Hackbarth is the Drug Enforcement Agency Director in Wisconsin. He says Fentanyl mixed with heroin can be deadly...

"....the traffickers are mixing Fentanyl which can be from 30 to 100 times more powerful than the heroin itself, 30 to 50 times more powerful than morphine, to give (heroin) a higher kick..."

As money tightens and fewer physicians and nurses are available in many spots in Wisconsin, hospitals are trying new techniques  to supply service to patients.

Dr. Judy Warmuth from Wisconsin Hospital Association says people and money are fewer and more services are being     requested..

Tri-County Council For Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is beginning a new teen support group with its first meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Braden Bayne-Allison says while talking recently with teens, they asked them what what they needed if something bad happens in the neighborhood...


"....there were some themes, and the themes were friends, non-judgemental environments, family, love, understanding was a big, over-arching theme. The kids felt they needed some understanding, someone they could talk to...."

Recent research has shown a direct link to better lifestyle habits helping to keep our brains healthy.

Two presentations this week in the region will highlight what the research has shown, says Diana Butz from the Alzheimer's Association. She says a two year study of people at risk showed some interesting results...


" they studied this group for two years and they showed that a combination of physical activity, nutrition, cognitive training and management of heart health risks slowed cognitive decline...."

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There's still money available for eligible persons to get help paying their heating bills.

Kerry Spees from Wisconsin Public Service says money is still available....

"'s important for customers who think they might be eligible to contact their local agency and get in early just to make sure before the funds are gone. Every year they get used up. If you wait until the last minute, they could be gone...."

The income guidelines to be eligible and other details are available at your county Department of Social Services office.

Ministry Health Care

Improving patient accessibility and comfort are the goals of a $3.7 million dollar renovation that began this week at the North Shore Campus of Ministry Health Care in Rhinelander.

The renovation will reconfigure parts of the facility to provide quicker access to the second floor, and have an new registration and check in area along with new waiting rooms and patient exam rooms.

Dr. Shishir Sheth is regional vice-president for Ministry Health Care Northern Region...


Ministry Health Care

Ministry St. Mary's Hospital in Rhinelander has earned a top rating from a group surveying hospitals for quality of performance.

The non-profit Joint Commission gave the hospital its Gold Seal of Approval for Hospital Accreditation.

Hospital spokesperson Sue Klemm says Joint Commission is the nation's oldest standard setting and accreditation body in health care....

A need to find workers who can go to homes of seniors who need some care is the motivation for free classes going on in Rhinelander through May.

The College of the Menominee Nation and the Oneida County Health Department are sponsoring the Home Health Care sessions.

College spokesperson Debra Norton says they're offering a three-credit college personal care workers course. She says they found a need in the Northwoods for this type of training...



  espite the loss of a significant donor, the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry is holding its annual spring fundraiser with help of new matching funds. 

As Director Guy Hansen explains, the Feinstein Foundation typically provides matching money for food pantries nationwide.  But that isn’t happening this year.