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Cold and snowy April weather also slowed badly needed blood collections in the Northwoods.

American Red Cross blood representative Marc Sutton says they're holding some collections this month in the area....

"...we have one coming up on Thursday, May 10 at White Lake Community Center from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Community Center is located across from the high school. Towards the end of the month, we have one at the Antigo Public Library at the 22nd of May, and that is in their meeting room..."

Advocate Argues Nurses Need More Rest To Stay Effective

May 4, 2018
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A new study is calling for a "culture change" in healthcare, to help prevent life-threatening mistakes at the nation's hospitals. It focuses on nursing, a profession facing a labor shortage that can involve stressful 12-hour shifts at odd hours.

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WXPR News Director, Ken Krall, has been chosen to receive the Wisconsin Public Health Association’s 2018 Excellence in Public Health Media Award. The nomination was recommended by the WPHA Awards committee, and chosen by the WPHA Board of Directors. The award will be presented during the May WPHA annual conference in Green Bay, WI.

Congratulations Ken!


A state agency has some advice for people who like romaine lettuce: if you can't prove it's safe, don't eat it.

Saturday is the semi-annual Drug Enforcement Administration's Drug Takeback Day.

The federal agency sponsors local law enforcement offices and other places to accept unused prescription medications.

Oneida County Sheriff's Department Captain Terri Hook says disposal is easy and helps control misuse...

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Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the U.S. each year.

April has been designated as Child Abuse and Neglect and Prevention Month.

The need for short-and-longer term foster care is also being emphasized.

Two staff members from Oneida County Social Services spoke recently about child abuse.

Social worker-foster care coordinator Rachel Nelson and Supervisor Beth Hoerchler talked about the need to report, the signs of abuse, the number of cases,  and how more foster parents are needed. We hear first from Rachel Nelson...


The ME TOO movement has launched a discussion about sexual assault across the nation.

Locally, Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is bringing awareness to sexual assault with an event this weekend. Braden Bayne-Allison, Sexual Assault Program Coordinator at Tri-County spoke with WXPR's Ken Krall about sexual assault...


Health providers have another tool in their fight against chronic pain. The procedure is called 'dry needling', which a health professional says can relieve muscular or migraine pain in just a few treatments.

Gerad  Donahue is a Physical Therapist specially trained in dry needling with Ascension Rehabilitation in Rhinelander. 

Donahue says during minimally invasive procedure, specialists insert a filament-thin needle into muscles and connective tissues to reach trigger points deep beneath the surface of the skin... kalhh

A Presque Isle resort is the host site for outdoor recreational therapy for veterans and first responders and will be part of a TV show.

The group "Healing Patriots" is bringing veterans to the Sunrise Resort. Supporting partners include the Winegar American Legion Post 480 and Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce.

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Decades ago, a nationwide effort began educating the public on the life-saving techniques of CPR.

A new effort is underway and Saturday has been set aside to bring awareness. Wisconsin Trauma Awareness Day is designed to bring into focus that a leading cause of preventable death in trauma is bleeding. Experts say 20 percent of all trauma-related deaths could have been prevented by earlier intervention to stop bleeding.


The difficult but rewarding career as a social worker was honored this week at the Oneida County Board meeting.

Governor Walker proclaimed March as Social Work month.

Social Services Director Mary Rideout acknowledged the difficult work her staff and other social workers do...

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One out of every three American adults has pre-diabetes, and most do not know it.

Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center health educators are offering classes to help people improve their health and to help avoid a growing wave of pre-diabetes.

Place, Race and Health: How Is Your Community Doing?

Mar 16, 2018

WASHINGTON - If you want to know how healthy your county is, check the ZIP code.

For the ninth year, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute have released a report showing how nearly every county in the United States is doing, as well as what gaps persist. The report looked at more than 30 factors that influence how long and how well people live. Some of those include rates of smoking, alcohol and drug use, obesity, high school graduation and income inequality.

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An innovative approach giving people with mental illness a place to talk with others with mental illness is having it's grand opening next week. NAMI Northern Lakes opened the drop-in center last year at Trinity Lutheran Church on Stevens and Phillips Street in Rhinelander. The group is a chapter of the National Alliance On Mental Illness. Board President Mick Fiocchi describes the grand opening...

Mick Fiocchi talking about the grand opening of the NAMI-Northern Lakes walk-in center.

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The University of Wisconsin is starting an accelerated nursing program in May to deal with a statewide shortage.

The Wisconsin Center for Nursing Research projects a shortage of 20-thousand nurses in the state by the year 2035.

Nicolet College's two-year Associate's program is seeing strong enrollment, says Dean of Health Occupations Candy Dailey....