11:36 am
Tue February 10, 2015

Vilas Food Pantry Sees Surge In Need

Credit Emily Bright / WXPR News

Many people think of giving to the food pantry during the holidays.  But high demand at the Vilas Food Pantry continues as winter stretches on.   

The Vilas Food Pantry has seen a surge in the number of families needing its services. Director Richard Short says the food pantry has been able to keep up with the demand so far, thanks to the generosity of the community during the holidays, but hunger is a year-round issue.

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Vaccinations recommended
5:06 pm
Tue February 3, 2015

Vaccination Debate Returns With Rise In Measles Cases

Some potential Republican presidential candidates, along with Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy, have spoken out recently about childhood vaccinations and the need, in their views, to keep the vaccinations a matter of parental choice.

This discussion is the result of a recent uptick in the number of measles cases in the U.S.

Children get a vaccination called the MMR which includes a vaccine to prevent measles. Since the introduction of a measles vaccine in 1963, the average number of measles cases has dropped from a half-million per year to fewer than 100.

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Team approach
3:55 am
Mon February 2, 2015

Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center Leads New Model Of Care

Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center Internal Medicine Team Care
Credit Marshfield Clinic

The Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center is in the midst of a pilot project involving team care, with a goal of improving how health care is provided.

Physician Assistant Shiela Reichel says about a year ago, four providers decided to try a different approach to internal medicine. After study, they came with a model called, "Team Care". She says they started the new approach last April. She outlines the new approach...

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9th annual conference
5:41 pm
Sun January 25, 2015

Direct Caregivers Conference In February at Nicolet College


Professional and family caregivers providing direct care at home or in long term care facilities are invited to the Direct Caregivers Conference next month at Nicolet College in Rhinelander.

Sandy Bishop, Director of Workforce Development at Nicolet, says the event is a draw for people providing service in skilled nursing facilities, but the conference is growing as another group of people want to find out more information...

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Must Meet Certain Criteria
9:31 am
Tue January 20, 2015

Veterans Choice Card Gives Health Care Options to Some

Veterans living in rural areas should have a slightly easier time getting health care, thanks to a new initiative called the Veterans Choice Card. 

Veterans can use the card to access non-VA health care providers if they live more than 40 miles from a VA health facility, or if they can’t get a desired appointment within 30 days. 

Spokesperson Brad Nelson says the cards are being mailed to everyone enrolled with the Veterans Administration, but not everyone can qualifies to use it. 

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Virus can cause cancer in youth
3:16 pm
Thu January 15, 2015

Few Northwoods Students Get HPV Vaccine


Only a small percentage of teenagers in the Northwoods have received the vaccination that could prevent them from getting a sexually-transmitted cancer.

The human papillomavirus can cause cervical, anal and oral cancers. It affects both boys and girls. A vaccine can prevent the virus from turning into cancer in teens. Only 3 in 10 girls and one in 10 boys ages 13 -17 in the Northwoods has had the full three doses of the HPV vaccine.

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Pets too
4:47 pm
Tue January 6, 2015

Official: Don't Take Chances In The Cold


Dangerously cold weather has returned to the Northwoods and a state Emergency Management official says you shouldn't take the extreme cold for granted.

The National Weather Service says  wind chill indices in the 35 to 45 below range are likely by Wednesday morning. Frostbite on exposed skin could happen in as little as 15 minutes..

Division of Emergency Management spokesperson Tod Pritchard says being safe and warm isn't always fashionable...

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Second leading cause of cancer
1:59 pm
Mon January 5, 2015

January is National Radon Action Month

Radon test kit

It's an invisible and odorless gas found in every county in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency has declared January as National Radon Action Month.

Locally, Oneida County Community Health Specialist Marta Koelling says radon is something property owners need to check...

"...radon is something that should be tested for, usually annually. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. It's something you should definitely be aware of...."

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Handwashing recommended
4:51 pm
Sun January 4, 2015

Nearing Peak Flu Season In The Northwoods


It's nearing prime time for influenza in the Northwoods.

Oneida County Health Department Director Linda Conlon says health officials have narrowed down the types of flu reported..

"....the main viruses...are the Influenza "A-H3N2", that's the predominant virus. We've also had some influenza-like illness circulating around the state of Wisconsin...."

Conlon says Wisconsin has a statistically high amount of flu or flu-like symptoms being reported.

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Group says decisions mean less care
4:46 pm
Tue December 30, 2014

Changes Coming For Wisconsin Badgercare

An advocacy group says 101 primary care physicians in Oneida, Vilas, Lincoln, Langlade and Forest counties will lose 45 percent of their Medicaid or Badgercare reimbursements this week.

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