Natural Resources

Northwoods Land Trust

A thousand foot section of the Wisconsin River north of Rhinelander is going to be preserved after an agreement signed at the Sustainability Fair.

Ann Eshelman and husband Scott have agreed to a conservation easement through the Northwoods Land Trust...

Outrider Foundation

With Earth Day being celebrated April 22, WXPR's Ken Krall had a chance to talk to Tia Nelson about the day her father originated and the impacts today.

Tia Nelson is Managing Director, Climate, for the Outrider Foundation. She previously had worked for the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands and the Nature Conservancy.


Lets hear from Ann Eshelman from Rhinelander, one of the organizers of the Sustainability Fair, to be held this Friday at the Newbold town hall.

The Fair is held each Earth Day to highlight how people in the Northwoods come together to support a sustainable environment and economy....

Ann Eshelman says the event will also feature many young people from area schools. The website for more information is here.

DNR Says Fire Danger Lingers Near Very High

Apr 18, 2016

  This week is wildfire prevention week, and as the Northwoods and the rest of the state is “greening up," fire danger is hovering near very high. That’s according to DNR Wildfire Prevention Specialist Catherine Koele. She says people shouldn’t burn unless they have a permit, but says everyone should hold off…

The state Natural Resources Board this week amended and approved a revised master plan for the Willow Flowage Scenic Waters Area in Oneida County. 

DNR officials say the revised plan increases public access on lightly developed existing roads and provides additional camping opportunities on the flowage and Tomahawk River.

Willow Flowage Property Manager Tom Shockley says after three years of feedback and work the plan is balanced between several different groups..

A regional meeting providing the latest information on a sustainable forest is set for next week in Florence.

12th Annual Sustainable Forestry Conference focuses on a healthy forest and healthy industries who use the forests says UW Extension educator Corrin Seaman. She says there's a wide range of speakers who will discuss the status of the industry and forests, invasive species, spotting marijuana grows in the woods. An explanation of the agreement between the Forest Service and others concerning management will also be discussed...

Saturday, the 41st annual Midwest Crane Count happens in Wisconsin and five other states, sponsored by the International Crane Foundation . Volunteers gather from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. in typical crane habitat to count the birds. Local coordinators  are Bob and Jan Dall from Rhinelander. We talked with Bob last week about the count when snow was flying...

"....I know it isn't looking like spring, but it really is out there. The cranes are back. We have some cranes beginning to build nests, so believe it or not..(laugh).... "

Snow is still around parts of the Northwoods, but crews in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest are preparing for prescribed fire burns in parts of the forest, including Price county.

Forest spokesperson Hillary Markin says it seems odd that fire can be a positive within a forest, but that's the case...

Governor Walker has declared this week as Wisconsin’s Tornado & Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin.

Dawn Robinson from Oneida County Emergency Management says the awareness week is designed to get businesses and the public to think about what they should do when one of the deadliest of storms approaches...

"'s an opportunity for everyone to test their plans, improve their plans, and if nothing else, to establish a plan. Timing is of the essence to save lives...."

Expera Specialty Solutions has received permission from the City of Rhinelander to extend one of three stacks at its paper facility on the city's west side.

The DNR told the company the current stack was not tall enough to reduce sulpher dioxide emissions to acceptable levels. The current stack height on what is described as the brown stack, or the northern most of three stacks, is 209 feet. Expera's proposal would extend the stack to 296 feet.

The public can review County Deer Advisory Council recommendations and make comment on them.

Each county has an advisory council and they met recently to make recommendations to the DNR and Natural Resources Board about antlerless deer quotas, permit levels and other options for this year's deer seasons.

DNR big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang says comment is welcome concerning the council's findings...

Spring is the time when sportspersons interested in managing Wisconsin's natural resources have a chance to be heard. The Spring Wildlife and Fisheries rules hearings are set for Monday, April 11 in all counties.

Kari Lee-Zimmerman is the DNR-Conservation Congress laison.

The Conservation Congress enables citizens to advise the state on natural resource issues. Attendees usually vote on a number of issues, but Lee-Zimmerman says there are two rule changes to vote on, but a number of advisory issues...

The American Beech

Apr 5, 2016


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A report this week indicated it could cost up to $163 million  to control an invasive species in one well-known Wisconsin body of water: Lake Mendota in Madison.

A Northwoods specialist says a few northern lakes have been infested with the spiny water-flea as well. The critter is a small crustacean that feeds on the native zooplankton, especially daphnia, which keep the water clarity high. When the daphnia diminish, the water clarity tends to get poorer.

  Next week’s Science on Tap is looking at the conservation efforts and design of our national parks and forests.

Professor of Landscape Architecture Janet Silbernagel says our nation’s treasure of natural resources, clean air, water and landscapes have been the basis of our economy and quality of life for decades.

 “…we protected areas that capture the highest, the lowest and most special places around the whole country, and we have means and mechanisms to design and plan for those that accommodate a huge number of visitors.”