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Opposition To Granite Peak Expansion Plan To Stay

6 hours ago

The group of concerned citizens attempting to stop the expansion of Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau does not intend on disappearing any time soon.

The activist group "Leave Rib Mountain Alone" has gained 880 likes on Facebook and over 3,600 signatures on their online petition to preserve the trails and wildlife of Rib Mountain as they are now.

Wisconsin DNR

You can still get your Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey in to the DNR.

The agency is hoping hunters will record all the wildlife they have seen during the deer hunting seasons, not just deer.... says agency research scientist Jess Rees-Lohr.....

"....this year, in addition to lots of deer, lots of turkeys, Roughed Grouse, lots of our canidae species, and our new elk just reintroduced in the Black River Falls area...."

Resolve to get Outdoors

7 hours ago

We kick off 2017 the same way we kick off most new years—with resolutions. I think it is human nature to overreach on trying to improve ourselves, especially when we take our families into consideration. In 2011 I attempted to improve my family’s financial situation. I made some spending changes, liquidated some belongings on an online auction. But then my take-home pay was cut by my employer and any footing I gained was quickly lost. The next year, I set my goal low—to reduce coffee consumption to two mugs a day. Success!

DNR Quietly Changes Climate Change Stance

11 hours ago
Wikimedia Commons

The state D-N-R no longer blames "human activities" for the heat trapping greenhouse gases which cause climate change.

An agency web page about the Great Lakes now says the reasons for earth's change are being "debated and researched by academic entities." Walker environmental critic and former local leader and news reporter James Rowan uncovered the position change in his blog.

Counties are losing dollars as the timber products industries shift demand for certain types of trees.

The law of supply and demand has changed the pulpwood market says Great Lakes Timber Professionals Executive Director Henry Schienebeck.

New Report Lists Gray Wolf Among Top Ten Imperiled Species

Dec 27, 2016

As the Obama administration prepares to hand over power to President-elect Donald Trump, the Endangered Species Coalition has just released its top 10 list of imperiled species. The advocacy group wants the next administration to take steps to slow the rates of extinction.

Courtesy: Wisconsin DNR

County Deer Advisory Councils will hold special meetings in January to respond to chronic wasting disease statewide and on a local level.

DNR big game section chief Bob Nack says the local deer councils will be providing feedback on the 15 year plan..

"....and the discussions they are going to hold are based on preliminary discussions we have received from a CWD Response Plan review committee, consisting of agencies and organizations that have a keen interest on CWD in the state..."

Courtesy: Wisconsin DNR

The D-N-R says observers counted a record 15-hundred-four occupied eagle nests throughout the Badger State this past spring.

Eagles and other raptors were close to extinction as recently as the 1970s before the pesticide D-D-T was banned, and new federal and state laws protected bald eagles. Aerial surveys found 1,504 occupied eagle nests, 39 more nests than the previous year and compared to 108 in 1973. Osprey nests also were found in record numbers: 558 occupied , up from 542 in 2014. Ospreys were found in 58 of 72 counties.

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count began last week and continues until early January.

Local birdwatchers go to a specific location and count the casual bird observations and give the information to a local person who compiles the data.

Today we'll hear from Rhinelander's compiler Vanessa Haese-Lehman about the 57th year of the count in the Rhinelander area and some of the observations...

Wikimedia Commons

A white Christmas means lots of recreational opportunities in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

Forest spokesperson Hilary Markin says all winter trails are open. She says the Forest offers 20 cross-country ski trails...

"....folks to get out, they can skate ski, classic ski. They have loops for all ages, beginner loops that are nice and short. We have some longer, more difficult trails that people can go up and over hills. There's something for everyone......"


Due to a surge in donations, the trail connection between Conover and Phelps looks to be moving closer to reality.

Jeff Currie is the President of Great Headwaters Trails, working to get the work going next summer on the next 5.5 miles section of trail. He says the project is more than 85 percent toward its funding goal.

He says they were $250,000 short of their funding goal one year ago...

More Northwoods trails are opening for the winter season.

Trails on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest are open for the season.

Forest county snowmobile trails will open at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, December 23. Vilas and Oneida county snowmobile trails have opened for the year.

Wisconsin Trails Midwest In Solar Development

Dec 20, 2016
Wikimedia Commons

Strides are being made in the Midwest when it comes to renewable energy, but there's still lots of room for improvement.

Illinois is being praised for last month's passage of the Future Energy Jobs Bill, with some calling it the most important climate bill in state history. Attorney Brad Klein with the Environmental Law and Policy Center hopes other Midwestern states will follow the lead.

He said the legislation will lead to huge growth in solar and wind technology, combat climate change, create jobs and lower utility bills.

Wikimedia Commons

The new fallen snow will help snowmobile riders itching to get out in the Northwoods. Oneida County has announced the state funded snowmobile trail system administered by the county will open for the season at noon on Tuesday.(Dec. 20)

Oneida County Snowmobile Council President Jim Wendt says the late warm fall weather postponed the hard freeze necessary to get the land under the trails in good shape for snowmobiling. But that has changed with the recent cold. He says the trails can't hold grooming equipment yet, but they can hold sleds.


The weather is making the news this weekend and Dawn Robinson from Oneida County Emergency Management says make sure you're prepared for lots of snow, and bitter cold Sunday and Monday.

Robinson says don't assume the power will stay on, especially if there are  high winds...

"....start looking at ways for alternate heat sources. Make sure everything is vented properly...refer to owners manuals if you need to use any type of electronics such as a generator and stuff...."

Dawn Robinson says if you must travel, check 5-1-1 and local broadcasts.