Natural Resources

The value of the forests as a sustainable economic driver is the focus of the next Iron County Citizens Forum on Monday.

Spokesperson Terry Daulton  says northern Wisconsin and the U.P. are often said to be undeveloped and impoverished. But she says the forum will focus on how the woods are a sustainable economic driver.

She says they've been doing a series on regional economic development and she says  there are many aspects of the woods that are overlooked...

Leah VanZile WPS

Teams from Northwoods high schools competed Wednesday at UW-Stevens Point in the annual Solar Olympics, sponsored by Wisconsin Public Service. It's an annual, one-day renewable energy competition..

WPS' Leah Van Zile says schools that are part of the SolarWise For Schools program compete in a number of categories, making devices run on solar power....

"....some of the categories that we have is Solar Cooker, Solar Water Heater, we have a Solar Race Car, Solar Photography, Solar Art Sculpture, PV Innovation and Solar Marketing Campaign...."

In the next installment of "Field Notes", UW- Madison's  Kemp Natural Resources  Station Director Tom Steele says a bird that now seems commonplace in the Northwoods wasn't so.... not all that long ago....

Most hunters will have an easier time registering deer and bear they harvest this year.

The DNR says after a successful pilot program, hunters will be able to electronically register their game online instead of having to haul the animal to a registration station.

Big game ecologist David MacFarland in Rhinelander says convenience and cost led to the change...

Don't Get Ticked!

May 5, 2015

The time of year for peak exposure to disease-bearing ticks is here and a state epidemiologist Diep Hoang Johnson has a few tips to keep from getting sick.

Ticks carry Lyme disease and other ailments. Dr. Hoang Johnson says the peak time is from now until fall, with the peak in June and July. To lower your chance of infection, she recommends...

"....when you go outside you should use some kind of insect repellent(DEET). You can spray that on clothing..."

Next, Emily Bright reports the public can help researchers get data on bats, especially with a disease threatening the populations....

While county and state workers have been busy fighting land based invasive species, the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest is also active in stopping the spread on its 1.5 million acres in Wisconsin.

Biologist Marjory Brzeskiewicz says they've had a plan in place for years to stop the common land invasives...

".....some of the big ones that affect the Northwoods  are garlic mustard, buckthorn, honeysuckle. We don't have quite the problems as they do down south where there are more open, prairie-type species...."

Northwoods Air Quality Among Best In Wisconsin

Apr 29, 2015

The Northwoods gets high marks for air quality.

The American Lung Association is out with its annual "State of the Air" report. Vilas county received an "A" grade for a lack of polluting  ozone. The survey grades counties which have had their air monitored for at least three years.

The Lung Association also graded counties on their particle pollution. Twelve counties got "A" ratings, including Vilas and Forest counties.

A Vilas county group is promoting a way for property owners who have maintained a buffer to the water to preserve that shoreline.

The Vilas County Lakes and Rivers Association created the Shoreland Stewardship Initiative in the summer of 2014 helped by grant money.

The covenant is voluntary and allows the property owner to place a covenant on their deed, maintaining a 35 foot buffer with the water to continue on their property into the future, regardless of ownership.

Spokesperson Sandy Gillum...

The first Oneida County Clean Boats-Clean Waters workshop is Wednesday afternoon to help volunteers working boat landings this year some preparation.

Volunteers go to boat landings to work with boaters about not spreading aquatic invasive species from lake to lake.

Oneida County AIS coordinator Michele Sadauskas says with the fishing opener this weekend, it's a good time to update volunteers...