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The U.S. House earlier this month passed an appropriations bill that has language in it changing the status of the gray wolf from federally protected to delisted in the lower 48 states.

This movement has been asked for by people who want to control the wolf population in the Great Lakes states, but has alarmed an advocate who wants to keep federal protection of wolves.

Rachel Tilseth has the blog Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin. She has an update on the bill that passed the U.S. House...

Wisconsin DNR

As visitors head to their favorite campsites, DNR plant and disease specialist Andrea Diss-Torrance says leave the hitchhikers in your firewood at home. Firewood can transport harmful tree problems to your backyard, street or favorite campsite.

Just one firewood log can easily hide insects like emerald ash borer or gypsy moth, or the tiny spores of a tree-killing fungus like oak wilt.

Diss-Torrance says in the effort to stop plants and bugs from wrecking the Northwoods and elsewhere, simply buy your firewood near your campsite...

Fight Continues Over Lake Michigan Water Diversion Plan

Jun 15, 2018
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Wisconsin News Connection is here.

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - The village of Mount Pleasant is preparing for a large influx of traffic, and even planning to hire more police officers this summer, as Foxconn Technology Group continues construction on a $10-billion electronics plant in the area.

Groups Fear Zinke Shakeup of Public Lands Management

Jun 15, 2018 werner22brigitte

WASHINGTON - The federal department that controls the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and dozens of other bureaus and agencies is one step closer to a major reorganization - even as some fear changes to the Interior Department would threaten public lands and wildlife. ermakovasve

The City of Eagle River has joined other local governments to put together a biking and walking trail to St. Germain.

The city council this week approved joining with the towns of St. Germain and Cloverland to form a commission to move forward on getting the 10-mile trail developed known as the River Trail, near the Wisconsin River.

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Gardens not only beautify our lives, they benefit pollinators and can even slow runoff and clean the water.

In this week's episode of Wildlife Matters, the Masked Biologist talks about his own experience with putting in a rain garden.

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A spokesperson for the state Sierra Club questions why there's a rush in Oneida county to change it's mining ordinance.

Last December in Rhinelander, Governor Walker signed a bill labeled "Mining For America", which, among other things, repealed the state's "Prove It First" law, commonly known as the Mining Moratorium bill.

An effort by Oneida County Land and Water Conservation is making habitat for a critical group within our ecosystem: pollinators. Insects that pollinate our crops and flowers have had sharp declines in populations.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

The 29th annual Midwest Renewable Energy Association Fair is set for this weekend in Custer, east of Stevens Point.

The event brings together a wide variety of renewable energy enthusiasts. About 13,000 people are expected to attend. We caught up with Kaitlyn Kohl, the event's communications, director who tells us more about the Energy Fair...

Kohl says buses will be available from Stevens Point to the site just off Highway 10. The website for the event is at the energy fair dot org We have a link here.

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It’s the second Tuesday of the month, which is when we check in with our commentators in the field.

In this month’s episode of Field Notes, Susan Knight of Trout Lake Station suggests we take a walk in the dark to see fireflies and other glowing organisms.

Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest has revealed it's latest maps and details about locations of invasive plants within the forest.

Forest botanist Marjory Brzeskiewicz says the report is sent out every year, giving information on new sites where invasive plants are located.

She says part of the new information is a webmap with geographic information system technology pinpointing where people have found new plant infestations along with locations for all the invasive plant sites in the Forest.

Coast Guard Compass

There are a lot  of boats are on Northwoods lakes and rivers, and a Northwoods law enforcement officials says safe boating is no accident.

DNR Recreational Safety Warden Justin Bender in Woodruff says this time of the year is a good time to reaquaint yourself with the rules about being on the open water. He says the rules books are available at bait shops and other outlets.

But he says many people are a bit casual about a key safety device, the personal floatation device or lifejacket when on the boat..

DNR: Wisconsin Showing Signs of Secure Wolf Population

Jun 11, 2018
National Park Service

Wisconsin News Connection is here.

MADISON, Wis. - For the first time in a quarter-century the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is seeing a slow down in the population growth of wolves in the state.

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Prior to a meeting with property owners this month, an attorney for the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa offered the tribe's perspective to clarify their position on easements over Tribal trust land. They also are starting the process of reaching a mutally acceptable solution to renewing property owner's rights of way to land owned within the reservation.

Report Deems Cell Towers, Power Lines Threats to Wildlife

Jun 8, 2018 alistairmcintyre

WASHINGTON - It's hard to imagine what life was like before cell phones and their necessary towers dotted the landscape from coast to coast. But an increasing body of research calls into question the safety of the electromagnetic radiation generated by power lines, Wi-Fi, cellular technology and broadcast transmissions - not only for people, but for wildlife.