Natural Resources

Reacting to Invasive Species
3:58 pm
Mon October 13, 2014

Rhinelander, CNNF Assess EAB Vulnerability

Credit U.S. Forest Service

Park and forest managers are taking steps to minimize the damage from the emerald ash borer in the Northwoods.   

The tree-killing beetle was found in Rhinelander last week, making its first appearance in Northcentral Wisconsin.

Rhinelander Parks and Grounds Director Gunder Paulson says the city already has an emerald ash borer readiness plan. He says a tree inventory a few years ago identified 214 ash trees between sidewalks and streets in Rhinelander, about 12 percent of the street trees in town.

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Activist Speaks Out Against GTAC Plan
4:00 am
Mon October 13, 2014

LaDuke Says Penokee Mine Will Profit Few

Native American Activist Winona LaDuke is speaking out against a proposal for an iron mine in the Penokee Range.

LaDuke holds degrees in economic development from Harvard and Antioch Universities.  She says she doesn’t buy the argument that the mine is needed to create jobs. 

“It’s absolutely not true.  The fact is that it’s a short-term economic gain for a few people and a corporation with the rest of us paying all of the externality expenses.  So what I’m saying that their math is bad.” 

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No experience necessary
3:23 am
Mon October 13, 2014

Wolf Tracking Volunteers Needed


A key program helping DNR biologists track wolves is looking for volunteers.

The Wolf Monitoring Program relies on volunteers to track the animals over winter.

DNR large carnivore specialist David MacFarland...

".....volunteers and DNR staff go out in the winter using established tracking techniques and established tracking blocks go look for signs of wolves to determine how many animals were there that left those marks in the snow...."

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Annual Migration Event
5:06 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Raptors Take Flight Through Midwestern Skies

Northern goshawks are some of the raptor species that migrate in October.

As colder weather moves into the Northwoods, most birds are moving out.  The fall migration is well underway for raptors and many other species of birds. 

At the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth, researchers have counted tens of thousands of raptors passing overhead in the past several weeks. 

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Few Ash Trees in Forests Up North
4:49 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Northern Forests May Not Host Many Ash Trees, But the EAB Spread Is Still Bad News

The ash borer is deadly to ash trees.

The first finding of the emerald ash borer in Northcentral Wisconsin may not have as big an impact on the landscape as you might think.  Still, forest managers say it’s a blow for forest health. 

The invasive beetle was found for the first time in Oneida County this week, at a middle school in Rhinelander.  No other neighboring counties have the ash borer.

But the finding may not be as devastating for northern forests as it has been for other parts of the state. 

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No Neighboring Counties
5:23 pm
Tue October 7, 2014

Ash Borer Found in Oneida County

There are now 38 Wisconsin counties under quarantine for the emerald ash borer.
Credit USDA

The Emerald Ash Borer has been found in Rhinelander.  That makes Oneida County the 38th county in Wisconsin to go under quarantine for movement of firewood.

The state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says the borer was found at James Williams Middle School, in a trap set by a USDA monitoring program. 

Spokesperson Donna Gilson says it appears the infestation was found early.

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Wildlife Matters with Jeremy Holtz
4:00 am
Tue October 7, 2014

Reflections on a Successful, and Educational, Bear Harvest

DNR Wildlife Biologist Jeremy Holtz freshens the bait.
Credit Submitted photo

Bear hunting season closes Tuesday.  And for the past week, bear hunting has been open only to those using hounds.  It’s an approach that tends to bring out strong emotions in people…who are either devoted or opposed to hound hunting. 

In today’s Wildlife Matters, DNR Wildlife Biologist Jeremy Holtz shares his first experiences…hunting bear both ways. 

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Tracking With Radio Collars
11:00 am
Sun October 5, 2014

DNR Asks Trappers to Report Wolves Caught By Mistake

Credit Derek Bakken

If you’re a trapper…the DNR wants to hear about it when you accidentally capture a wolf.

DNR Carnivore Specialist Dave MacFarland says if you trap a wolf without meaning to and without a wolf harvest permit, it can be a convenient time for the DNR to put a radio collar on that wolf. 

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Wildlife Matters
4:00 am
Thu October 2, 2014

Migrating Birds Take Flight in Fall

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are just some of the many birds that head south for the winter.
Credit Dick Daniels

Temperatures are dropping, and as we move closer to winter many species are migrating south.  

  In today’s Wildlife Matters, DNR Wildlife Biologist Jeremy Holtz talks about the different ways birds make the trip.

My mom always used to tell me that hummingbirds traveled south for the winter riding on the backs of Canada geese.  While this is a charming and compelling tale, the fact is that these little birds migrate the same way all other birds do – they fly. 

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Controversy Over Hunting with Hounds
4:43 pm
Wed October 1, 2014

Hound Hunters Support New DNR Plan For Wolf Pelt Registration

The Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association is hoping the DNR’s plan to look into dog-wolf interactions will put the controversy to rest. 

The DNR will ask wolf hunters this winter to let an expert examine a harvested wolf as its pelt is removed.  The goal is to look for bite wounds that could be signs of fighting between dogs and wolves…a possibility which critics say makes wolf hunting with hounds unethical.   

Al Lobner, President of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association, says he doesn’t think wolf hunting with hounds poses much risk for dogs.

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