radon http://wxpr.org en January A Good Time For Radon Testing http://wxpr.org/post/january-good-time-radon-testing <p><font face="Times New Roman">&nbsp;</font><font face="Times New Roman">January is National Radon Action Month. Exposure to radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Smokers have an even larger threat of developing lung cancer if radon is present in their surroundings.</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman">Charlotte Ahrens from the Oneida County Health Department describes radon...</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman"><i><u> </u></i></font></p> Mon, 13 Jan 2014 22:22:00 +0000 Ken Krall 13012 at http://wxpr.org January A Good Time For Radon Testing In Winter, Your Home Could Be Sheltering Radon http://wxpr.org/post/winter-your-home-could-be-sheltering-radon <p>It’s National Radon Week.&nbsp; Health officials are reminding people to get their homes tested for the dangerous gas to prevent long term exposure.</p><p>Oneida County Public Health Nurse Charlotte Ahrens&nbsp;says the problem with radon is that it’s colorless and odorless.</p><blockquote><p>“People have no indicators they they’re being exposed to this gas.&nbsp; The gas is produced by a breakdown of uranium in soil, and in rock and in water.”</p> Thu, 24 Oct 2013 19:50:50 +0000 Natalie Jablonski 9762 at http://wxpr.org In Winter, Your Home Could Be Sheltering Radon