It's vacation time, but a state consumer affairs spokesperson says it's not time to relax as identity thieves can strike quickly if you let your guard down. Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Affairs spokesperson Jerad Albracht says a few suggestions include using a credit card instead of a debit card as the credit card offers more protection if lost or stolen. says be careful not to take along identity cards like Social Security, Medicare and banking cards. He says be very careful of ATM machines. A growing concern are skimmers.

Van Stippen campaign

The Democratic challenger to State Senator Tom Tiffany(12th-Hazelhurst)  says Tiffany's recent portrayal of a portion of the  proposed "Homeowner's Bill of Rights" is off the mark.

Aircraft from the 115th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard along with the Civil Air Patrol took part in a training mission over the skies of Rhinelander Tuesday noon hour. Airport Director Joe Brauer says the units have trained over Rhinelander for a few years after an incident with a plane stolen from Thunder Bay, Ontario.....

"....there was an incident where a student stole and aircraft from one of the Fixed Based Operator trainers and was testing the system on how far he could get (into) the United States..."

Ken Krall

A long-rumored downtown tunnel has been exposed as crews continue the underground utility work as part of downtown Rhinelander Streetscape above and below ground updating.

A tunnel was exposed below Stevens Street running from the Associated Bank building to the bank drive-up across the street. Town and Country Engineering project manager Mark Barden says the tunnel was no surprise...

Wisconsin DNR

Wild rice is common across the Northwoods, and the DNR is seeking public comment as the agency begins a strategic analysis for its management.

DNR environmental review coordinator Jon Simonson says the input is being sought...

"....Essentially what this is is a 'think before you act' fact-finding process. Before we draft a more formal wildlife management plan, first we need to lay out all the information and alternatives that will be important for the public and decision makers when it comes to wild rice management...."

The tax watchdog group Wisconsin Taypayers Alliance is out with a new report with what they say appears to be a decline in state lottery and tribal gaming revenues.

In 1987, voters amended the state Constitution to allow a state lottery, and court decisions after the vote allowed tribal gaming operations. The lottery is intended to provide property tax relief for residential properties. A WTA analysis found during the 1990's, credits to homeowners averaged about 3.5 percent. Last year that number held at 2.1 percent.

  The DNR is looking for volunteers to help conduct surveys about the breeding habits of birds in Wisconsin. Volunteers will be in charge of looking for and documenting the breeding behaviors of birds. Coordinator of the Breeding Bird Atlas, Nicholas Anich says the data collected by volunteers helps determine how habitats around the state are doing.


Drew Kurth

Next, WXPR's Ken Krall talks with Katherine Garrison, the Coordinator of Nicolet College's Jump Start program. Recently 16 persons from the region with intellectual disabilities graduated from the program, looking for a career. The program is the first of it's type in northern Wisconsin. Lets hear from Katherine Garrison...

Jump Start Coordinator Katherine Garrison with Ken Krall.

Northwoods Land Trust

The public is invited Saturday to a dedication that continues public access to Interstate Falls near Hurley.

The Northwoods Land Trust of Eagle River will dedicate the preservation of the land and falls at the town of Kimball Community Center. The Northwoods Land Trust will have their annual meeting at 11 a.m., and after lunch, will dedicate the spot at 1:00 p.m.

Update: Sunday afternoon, the Vilas County Sheriff's Department identified the traffic crash victim as 75 year old Antoine E. Durocher of Three Lakes. 7:00 p.m.-- -- One person has died in a traffic crash in Vilas County over the weekend.

No Solution To Pleasure Island Road Fix

Jun 17, 2016

A joint meeting between the Eagle River city council and Northland Pines board of education last Wednesday over the condition of Pleasure Island road and options to improve it resulted in over an hour of discussion but no solution.

Mayor Jeff Hyslop indicated the city twice applied for grants and both were denied. “It's our road and has gone from seasonal use when Pleasure Island theme park operated to one of the heaviest used roads in the city,” the Mayor said.

The Vilas County Sheriff's Department has released the name of a pedestrian killed last weekend near Eagle River.

The victim was identified by the Coroner's office at 56 year old Mark C. Jastrow of Eagle River.

The Vilas County Sheriff's Department reports Jastrow was standing on Shangri La Road in the town of Washington Sunday morning. He was struck by an unidentified driver. Jastrow was pronounced dead. The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene.

Two row boaters were injured Thursday evening in a  crash on Black Oak Lake in the Vilas County town of Land O Lakes.

The Sheriff's Department reports the crash happened after 8 p.m. The initial investigation found a motor boat collided with the row boat with two people in it.

One of the row boat's passengers was tossed into the water. The driver of the motor boat jumped into the water, grabbing the ejected person. The motor boat operator grabbed the row boat with the other passenger and swam them to shore until emergency responders arrived on the scene.

Becky Tegen's smartphone

The Rhinelander Streetscape project, which is updating the underground utility services, has arrived at WXPR's front door.

The picture was taken at 7:00 a.m. on June 17 from the WXPR front door. Stevens Street is expected to be closed for several weeks. One of the earliest streets closed as the project began, Courtney Street, reopened recently, about two blocks west of Stevens Street. Brown Street, the main artery in the downtown, remains closed.

State Wolf Population Increases

Jun 16, 2016

Wisconsin ended the winter with 16 percent more gray wolves than the same time last year.

The D-N-R reports a record high 866 to 897 wolves in more than 220 packs. That's up from last year's count of 746 to 771 animals.

Wisconsin has not been able to manage its own wolf herd since late 2014. That's when a federal judge ruled in favor of animal rights groups who wanted the wolves returned to federal endangered species' protections, mainly to stop the wolf hunts in Wisconsin and other states.