Antigo School Superintendent Resigns

Jun 14, 2018
Antigo School District

The Antigo Superintendent of Schools has resigned.

WSAU radio and WAOW TV report Dr. Colleen Timm had been in the position for just under a year.

Board president Mike Boldig has not commented on the reason for her departure. Timm's future plans have not been announced.

Timm had been superintendent for the Mishicot School District for 11 years. She began her career as an English teacher and had worked in Portage, Deforest and Tuscon, Arizona.

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Gardens not only beautify our lives, they benefit pollinators and can even slow runoff and clean the water.

In this week's episode of Wildlife Matters, the Masked Biologist talks about his own experience with putting in a rain garden.

  •   A mining expert says July 1 is a change, but not a deadline...
  • Elder Abuse Awareness Day is Friday across the globe....
  • Two Northwoods residents face charges from an incident at the Marshfield Clinic...
  • A walk way is planned along a pollinator garden at the Oneida county courthouse...

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A spokesperson for the state Sierra Club questions why there's a rush in Oneida county to change it's mining ordinance.

Last December in Rhinelander, Governor Walker signed a bill labeled "Mining For America", which, among other things, repealed the state's "Prove It First" law, commonly known as the Mining Moratorium bill.

Friday is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Organizers say the day is designed to raise awareness of elder abuse and neglect, and to renew the commitment to preserving the rights of older adults. Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment are areas where elder abuse is most common.

Oneida County Department on Aging Director Dianne Jacobson says a principal form of abuse isn't the first one that comes to mind...

An effort by Oneida County Land and Water Conservation is making habitat for a critical group within our ecosystem: pollinators. Insects that pollinate our crops and flowers have had sharp declines in populations.

Minocqua Police Dept.

Two Eagle River residents were taken into custody Tuesday evening in Minocqua after an incident at the Marshfield Clinic.

Minocqua Police report a 70 year old man and a 39 year old woman were allegedly holding a care provider against her will with a hatchet and a meat tenderizer. Police report Clinic staff got involved and held the pair until Minocqua Police arrived. During the incident, a loaded fiream and ammunition were discovered in a bag belonging to the two people arrested.

Minocqua Seals The Deal on 2018 Road Projects

Jun 13, 2018
Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

MINOCQUA – Minocqua will borrow $2.3 million and kick in another $375,000 from its 2018 budget to complete an ambitious road program this year. The result will be to extend the life of those roads by several years and make travel a bit smoother for motorists.

Jacob Shultz

This is the story of two ambulances and a resident in Boulder Junction who felt compelled to help out a small Alaskan town a few weeks ago.


WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin takes it from there.

Living in the Northwoods, we often feel like we live in small towns.

  • The largest renewable energy fair of it's type is this weekend near Stevens Point...
  • New Medicare cards are coming and so is the next wave of scammers...
  • UW-Stevens Point gets the preliminary nod for a new MBA program...
  • The need for blood is great, and the next donation is Wednesday in Elcho...

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

The 29th annual Midwest Renewable Energy Association Fair is set for this weekend in Custer, east of Stevens Point.

The event brings together a wide variety of renewable energy enthusiasts. About 13,000 people are expected to attend. We caught up with Kaitlyn Kohl, the event's communications, director who tells us more about the Energy Fair...

Kohl says buses will be available from Stevens Point to the site just off Highway 10. The website for the event is at the energy fair dot org We have a link here.

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Another scam targeting seniors centers around recent changes in the Medicare card.

The state Director for the Bureau of Consumer Protection, Michelle Reinen says the Medicare system is rolling out new cards. As part of protecting the consumer, Reinen says users will see some significant changes...

  "...these cards will no longer contain your Social Security number. You will receive a replacement card that has a unique 11-digit number. It will have nothing to do with your Social Security card, your gender, your location of living. It will be completely unique..."

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point is one step closer to earning accreditation to offer a Masters of Business Administration degree after receiving the green light from the UW systemlast week.. "This is a big step for us. It allows us to bring a level of education to the Central Wisconsin community that we didn't have before. It's something our market research shows employers want, prospective students want, and recent graduates looking to come back and upgrade their skills [want]," said Kevin Neuman, head of the school of business and economics at the school.

A blood drive is set for Wednesday(6-13) in Elcho and a Red Cross spokesperson says the need is critical. Blood representative Marc Sutton....

"...we're going to be doing a blood drive at the Elcho Fire and Rescue building, which will be on Wednesday, June 13, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If anyone can come out and donate, we can definitely use it.. We have an urgent need for blood which typically happens in the summer. Every donation is needed and every donation helps...."

Sutton says the need is on-going, but donations drop in the summer......

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It’s the second Tuesday of the month, which is when we check in with our commentators in the field.

In this month’s episode of Field Notes, Susan Knight of Trout Lake Station suggests we take a walk in the dark to see fireflies and other glowing organisms.