Bluegrass Host

Warming up in the White Pine Room for WXPR's Open House welcoming the community to the new studios.  

General Manager

As media evolves, the essential role of public radio is to embrace the qualities that made it invaluable – the smart combination of national perspective and local relevance. Peg is passionate about the mission of public radio to deliver content...

Engineering Consultant/Substitute Host
Northwoods Cafe Host
Board of Directors/Substitute Host

I grew up listening to Classical music on the radio in Chicago (WFMT and (old) WNIB). Beautiful music and the stories behind it. I try, in my small way, to emulate those broadcasts at WXPR. I never believed I would have the chance. I...

Substitute Host

I love this station. I love and appreciate its people. And most of all, I really love the MUSIC. Please give a listen. I do hope to see you "The Next Time I'm In Town."

Best and warmest regards,


Board of Directors-Secretary/Substitute Host

I first discovered WXPR’s unique voice while vacationing in the Northwoods. Then, when my husband and I moved to Rhinelander from New York City 24 years ago, I appreciated WXPR all the more for its amazing coverage of local news and diverse...

Substitute Host