Community Advisory Board
Substitute Host

I fell in love with "The Blues" back in 1969 when a bandmate introduced me to The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.  Being a bassist I loved the walking basslines of the music.  My music selections are based on "If it doesn't move me, will it move...

Northwoods Cafe Host

Enjoying the WXPR Nature Cruise

Northwoods Cafe Host

Hosts that rock!

Blues Friday Host

I strive to share all styles of blues with a special emphasis on its earlier root forms and the early blues pioneers, ‘cause “from the roots come the fruits.”

I think repeated exposure to many styles of blues music is the key to...

Substitute Host
Board of Directors

I have had the opportunity to serve on several boards of not-for-profit organizations in several communities across the country. Having members that have experiences in “boardsmanship” is a definite asset to any board. In addition, I am a very...