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    You can hear Molly Rose on Thursday's Midday Classics and Classics By Request.

  • Feature Contributor

    Monie Shackleford lives in Ironwood, Michigan with her husband and two children.  She has a Master's of Science degree in plant ecology from UW-Milwaukee and does seasonal botany fieldwork.  She enjoys cross-country skiing, biking, and camping...

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  • Board of Directors/Your Favorites Host

    I’ve been a fan of WXPR since I moved to the area in 1995. My affection for the station has grown over the years—I’ve moved from listener, to donor, to casual volunteer to board member and music host. Since my retirement in 2013 I’ve been able...

  • Bluegrass Host

    Warming up in the White Pine Room for WXPR's Open House welcoming the community to the new studios.  

  • Board of Directors/Engineering Consultant/Midday Classics Host

    I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and got hooked on electronics at an early age.  By the time I got to high school, I was working at an FM station as a DJ and engineer.  After college, I shifted over to television and spent the next 20 years...

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  • Board of Directors-Chair /Substitute Host

    I grew up listening to Classical music on the radio in Chicago (WFMT and (old) WNIB). Beautiful music and the stories behind it. I try, in my small way, to emulate those broadcasts at WXPR. I never believed I would have the chance. I...