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Jessica grew up in the Northwoods and was always touched by the close community ties that exist in the region.  She graduated from Phelps High School in 2008 and returned to the Northwoods after achieving a bachelor's degree in Biology and English.  She is currently a Tribal AmeriCorps Program member stationed at Lac du Flambeau Public School. 

Vilas County will not join almost twenty counties holding advisory referendums this fall on whether the state should accept federal Medicaid funds.

Governor Scott Walker rejected federal dollars to expand the number of people eligible for Badgercare, saying the money is unreliable. 

Supporters of taking the federal funds say the dollar impact would be significant, and could save the state hundreds of millions of dollars. 

The measure to ask voters’ opinions failed at Tuesday’s Vilas county board meeting…with only three members voting in favor of having a referendum.

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Vilas County is likely to see ATVs on some stretches of county property.

The Vilas county board voted 14-5 last night to approve an ordinance which will allow the town of Phelps to use a section of County Highway A to extend town ATV trails.  The decision effectively overturns a 2004 referendum vote in which a majority wanted no county ATV trails, as well as a subsequent county board resolution banning ATVs on county properties and roads.

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Culture, in my own personal definition is ‘life as we know it,’ but it is also life as it once was long ago before you or I or even our parents walked the earth.  Although I am not of Native American descent, I have spent the last 18 months as a Tribal AmeriCorps Program member serving the Lac du Flambeau grade school. Part of my service there involves working closely with the Envision program. I think it would be best if Ariana, a seventh-grader in the program described it for you in her own words.

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Many communities in the Northwoods are descended from eastern European immigrants.  

Those with a Czech background may be familiar with the traditional pasties called kolaches.  WXPR Contributor Jessica Samuelson wanted to hold onto that piece of cultural history, so she went to visit her grandmother, Alice Klimesh.

Jessica Samuelson / WXPR News

The town of Phelps hosted its annual Scarecrow Fest over the weekend.  

In addition to a pumpkin tossing and hayrides, the event featured dozens of scarecrows, each with its own personality.  WXPR contributor Jessica Samuelson brings us some sounds of the festival.