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Ken has been  News Director at WXPR since 2000. This is his second stint with the station, having served as Operations Manager and Morning Edition host from 1987-1995.

A 1976 graduate of UW-Stevens Point, he has served in a variety of roles in radio including sports play-by-play, sales, Program Director along with an extensive background in news. Ken has also worked as an assignment editor in a TV newsroom and as a city reporter for a local newspaper.

A passion of his is the WXPR Saturday morning polka show which he brought back to the air in 1989. He loves many styles of music, especially those that DON'T include a guitar.

A native of Antigo, he likes to birdwatch, fish and read and hopes to someday publish a book he's had in his computer for 15 years.

The Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association is hosting it's annual Memories and Melodies fundraiser this weekend and they are hoping for a large turnout to help fund local Alzheimer's efforts.

The event features music, dinner raffles and auctions to help those afflicted with the disease. The event is being held at Holiday Acres resort near Rhinelander.

One of the resort's owners, Kari Zambon, had family members affected by it and the event is always a special time for her...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

More snow and cold this weekend raises the concern that the continuing thick ice on many Northwoods lakes could lead to problems with fish kills.

DNR northern fisheries manager Mike Vogelsang in Woodruff says the added snow is not a bonus for the fish...

"....we're already starting with a couple of feet of snow on the ground and adding this snow along with very thick ice, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if we had some winterkill issues this spring...." mdesigns

A Rhinelander area man has been charged in Vilas county with alleged false imprisonment, attempted robbery with the use of force and burglary, all felonies.

Judge Neal Nielsen amended bond to $1,000 cash for 43 year old Timothy Kulhanek  Thursday in Vilas County Circuit Court.

Internet court records indicate Judge Nielsen also set conditions that Kulhanek have no contact with one person, not to go to Glick's Store in Minocqua, not possess alcohol or go in taverns and make an appointment for mental health counseling.

A preliminary hearing was set for May 17.

Nicolet Area Technical College

Nearly one million dollars in grants have been awarded to Nicolet Area Technical College in competitive grants from Wisconsin Technical College System.

Nicolet applied for 11 grants. For the second straight year, the college was awarded 100 percent funding for each application that was submitted


The ME TOO movement has launched a discussion about sexual assault across the nation.

Locally, Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is bringing awareness to sexual assault with an event this weekend. Braden Bayne-Allison, Sexual Assault Program Coordinator at Tri-County spoke with WXPR's Ken Krall about sexual assault...

Wikimedia Commons U-W Madison

The state Natural Resources Board heard a lake management plan that they labeled as a success story for the Powell Marsh's Dead Pike Lake in the town of Manitowish Waters.

The plan focuses on the reduction of iron and phosphorus by stopping the loading of those components into the lake. Dead Pike Lake water quality has been damaged by iron floc, draining off an area where a failed experiment to bring in a goose population took place in the 1950's.Several residents of the lake said their property values are diminishing as the water quality gets worse from the iron.

School District of Rhinelander

The possibility of the School District of Rhinelander buying the former St. Joseph's Catholic Church and school property came a bit closer this week.

The school board asked realtor Ron Skagen to draft an offer to purchase the property not to exceed $649,000. Superintendent Kelli Jacobi outlined to the board some options...

"....I went through what a possible reconfiguration would look like, why we have a need for additional space. Then we talked about, 'why did we sell buildings if we were going to need space?'..."

Ken Krall WXPR

When Dick Johns first was on the Rhinelander City Council, Lyndon Johnson was U.S. President.

After 54 years, Johns conducted his last city council meeting Monday night after 13 years as mayor. Johns says when he first started, the city and neighboring towns all acted like individual entities but that attitude has changed...

Oneida County Sheriff's Department

A Tripoli man was sentenced a second time for a shooting incident in April, 2016 and this time there's only probation, not jail time.

62 year old Kenneth Welsh was convicted of reckless endangerment and being intoxicated with a firearm during an earlier plea agreement but other elements of the situation were presented. Alexas_Fotos

Tax Day is approaching fast, and a state secretary says they have help on their website for last minute filers.

Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler says they hope the public files electronically...

"'s convenient, the program does the math for you. About 85 percent of taxpayers are now e-filing. Once people try it, we find that once they try it they never want to go back to paper filing...."

Secretary Chandler says the electronic method helps you find things you might have forgotten if you had the paper form...

Wisconsin's winter moratorium on utility disconnnections ends next Monday and a state spokesperson says customers need to make arrangements now or face the loss of heating. Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is the state regulator for utilities.

Spokesperson Matthew Spencer says early next week utilities are allowed disconnections for customers who haven't paid....