Natalie Jablonski

Community Features Editor

Natalie came to the station in 2013.  She moved to the Northwoods from Providence, Rhode Island where she worked at Rhode Island Public Radio.  She studied Environmental Studies at Brown University, and learned radio production at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. 

As Community Features Editor, Natalie spends time reporting, interviewing, and working with volunteer contributors.  She also hosts All Things Considered on Friday afternoons. 

When she's not rushing to and from an interview, she enjoys cooking, eating, playing music, and skiing to survive the winter.


Have a Heart Donation Program
11:53 am
Fri November 28, 2014

What To Do With a Deer Heart? Give It To An Eagle, Says REGI

Credit Michele Woodford / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

With just a few days left in Wisconsin’s gun deer season, hunters who do get a deer may be looking for a use for its heart.

Marge Gibson of Antigo’s Raptor Education Group says that organ is an ideal food for eagles and other raptors. 

“The deer heart is a perfect food for our birds.  We currently have 42 bald eagles in our care, and they go through an awful lot of food.  So it’s an excellent source of protein for them, and it’s hunters helping hunters.” 

Every year the wildlife rehabilitation center asks for donations of deer hearts.

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Helping to Stabilize Market
4:10 pm
Wed November 26, 2014

USDA Cranberry Purchase Good News For Growers

Last year saw a record crop fro Wisconsin's cranberry growers.
Credit James Lake Cranberry Marsh

Cranberry growers are pleased with the news that the USDA will start purchasing millions of pounds of surplus cranberries. 

High yields have driven prices down to as low as 10 to 19 cents a pound for processed fruit.

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association Director Tom Lochner says at that price growers can’t break even.

 “It’s been declining.  We’ve seen the downward pressure on grower returns for three or four years now.  So hopefully we’ve reached the bottom and we’ll start to see signs that things are improving.”

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Snow is Piling Up
5:31 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

Snowfall Not Uncommon In November, Says NWS

Cold weather and significant snowfall in November may seem unusual, but the National Weather Service says it’s not that atypical.

Dan Miller with the National Weather Service in Duluth says significant snowfall in November happens about 25 to 30 percent of the time.

 “I think we need to put a little bit of a perspective on it.  Yeah it’s a little early bit early and yeah it’s a lot colder than it was in October.  But really in the scheme of things this isn’t really that far off of the rails in terms of being wildly abnormal.”

Bike and ATVs Could Both Use Corridor
5:27 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

DOT: Conover's Bike Trail Can't Allow ATVs, But Could Share Space With Second Trail

The town of Conover has about three weeks to decide whether to accept federal funding to build a bike trail.

After Vilas County officials asked the town to allow ATVs on a short stretch of the silent sports and snowmobile trail, state officials have clarified that it’s too late for changes to the project proposal. 

But DOT North Central Engineering Chief Brian Gaber says ATV groups could apply to build their own trail on the railroad grade, which is about a hundred feet wide.

He says ATV use would need to be separated from the silent sports portion. 

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Opening Weekend Figures Show Decline
5:40 pm
Mon November 24, 2014

Buck Harvest Down For Northern Region and Statewide

Last winter's severity cut down the number of deer in the woods.
Credit Michele Woodford / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Hunters registered more than ten thousand bucks in the northern district during opening weekend.  That’s down by about 12 percent compared to last year according to the DNR’s preliminary figures.

DNR Wildlife Biologist Jeremy Holtz says part of the decline is likely due to last winter’s taking a toll on the herd. 

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Snow removal often leads to back injuries
5:35 pm
Mon November 24, 2014

Step, Don't Twist: A Lesson in Proper Shoveling Technique

Those of us shoveling a lot of snow these days may have the sore backs to prove it.  Chiropractors say there is a better way.

Back injuries are common this time of year.  Dr. Grace Zuiker of Tomahawk’s Allied Health Chiropractic…says many are due to shoveling techniques that put too much strain on the back.  She says use your whole body to avoid injury. 

“And when you start pushing, lower your stance so you’re down farther, so then you can push into the show, rather than using just your back to push…so use your knees to get lower.”

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Natural Resources
5:23 pm
Thu November 20, 2014

Comment Period Reopens on Northern Long-Eared Bat Listing

Northern long-eared bats are being threatened by white nose syndrome.
Credit Steven Thomas / US Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is again taking comments on whether to add the northern long-eared bat to the endangered species list.  Some groups are questioning estimates of the bat’s fragility. 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says populations of the northern long-eared bat are dropping precipitously due to the deadly fungal disease white nose syndrome.  It’s wiped out millions of bats in the eastern U.S. and was found to have spread to Wisconsin earlier this year. 

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Bridging Gap Between Vets and Resources
4:58 pm
Thu November 20, 2014

Federal Grants to Help Northern Wisconsin Homeless Veterans

State officials have a new plan to help connect homeless veterans in northern Wisconsin with social services and other resources. 

Federal grants totaling 1.2 million dollars over the next three years…will go to fund a new Veterans Outreach and Recovery Program. 

Veterans Affairs Grant Specialist Kelly Laabs says it’s trying to help homeless veterans access programs that provide things like housing or healthcare.    

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Some Zones Going Over Limit
10:35 am
Thu November 20, 2014

Wolf Hunt Approaches Quota

Now in its third year, Wisconsin's wolf hunt continues to be controversial.
Credit Brooks Tracy / USFWS

Wisconsin’s third wolf hunt is probably nearing its end as hunters approach the season’s quota.

As of Wednesday a hundred and forty two wolves have been taken out of the total licensed quota of 150. 

But some opponents are crying foul, saying the hunt is overly aggressive toward the state’s wolf population.

Wisconsin state Director of the Humane Society Melissa Tedrowe says the population can’t sustain the harvest.

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Massive Federally Funded Project
10:10 am
Thu November 20, 2014

NEON Gathers Data on Changing Ecology

A nationwide project gathering enormous amounts of ecological data has a regional hub right here in the Northwoods. It's called NEON: the National Ecological Observatory Network.

The federally-funded NEON project is wrapping up the first of what could be 30 years collecting data on broad-scale ecological systems. 

The Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan region is one of about 20 nationwide where the research is focused. 

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