Tuckey Requa

Former Board of Directors-Vice Chair/Your Favorities Host

Tuckey Requa was a WXPR on-air volunteer from 2005 through 2011, co-hosting the Wednesday edition of "Your Favorites" with her Dad, Charley. She had to leave the show when her job as a Computer Technician at the Phelps School became full time. Prior to moving to Wisconsin in 2005, Tuckey worked with NETworks Presentations, a theatrical production company esteemed in the industry for its superior production values. That ethic informed her work on the WXPR board, where, along with her Board colleagues, she strived to make WXPR a superior public radio station, bringing the very best, most appealing and professional programming to the listening audience.

WXPR is extremely grateful for the many years of dedicated and energetic service Tuckey shared with the station and communities it serves. While we deeply mourn her passing, we continue to be inspired by her joyful spirit. Thank you, Tuckey, for sharing with us.

Remembering Tuckey Requa, Longtine WXPR Volunteer and Board Member