19 Percent Drop In Wisconsin Wolf Population

Apr 30, 2014

Two seasons of wolf hunting have resulted in Wisconsin's first major decline in the grey-wolf population. 

Winter numbers show a sizable drop in the state's wolf population, but it is still higher than the target of 350 wolves.
Credit Retron en.wikipedia.org

The D-N-R issued a preliminary report this week, showing a drop in wolf numbers from a low number last year of 809 to a low number this year of 658. It's the first major decrease in the Wisconsin wolf numbers since the D-N-R started tracking the species' recovery about 35 years ago. The state had 25 wolves back then.

DNR wolf ecologist Dave MacFarland talked with Ken Krall about the numbers from a census done during the winter months.

Dave MacFarland says there will be wolf deaths from natural and man-made means over the next year which will reduce the numbers. The state will hold a wolf hunt this fall unless the species is listed as endangered.