2013-14 Sets Several Winter Records

Apr 18, 2014

You can tell your friends and family

Credit christmasstockimages.com

you have lived through what will be the most notable winter in Northwoods history.

WJFW NBC-12 Meteorologist Matt Brooks tells us all the records that have been established....

"...it's been the snowiest winter season, we finally beat the record back in 1938 and 1939. We had 107 inches of snow. We are now at 107.8 (for this winter). So we shattered that record. We broke the daily snowfall record of 11.2 inches, that was (April 17). We've also had the coldest winter. The average temperature just 4.7 degrees throughout the entire winter. We've been breaking records left and right. On Saturday, April 19 we'll have broken the record with 150 days with greater than 1 inch of snow on the ground and that was back in 1978 and '79...."


Brooks says springtime temperatures are returning over the Easter weekend and into next week, so the snow will likely be on the way out....for now.