250,000: A Magic Number For Jobs?

Aug 29, 2013

One side stands by the story, the other says it wasn't accurate.  Did Governor Walker say the state won't actually create 250,000 jobs?  Ken Krall has the details.  

Some are questioning whether Governor Scott Walker is backpedaling on his jobs promise.
Credit Blind Nomad / http://www.flickr.com/photos/68512679@N03/6827802602/sizes/m/in/photostream/

Earlier this week, WJFW TV in Rhinelander talked to Governor Scott Walker in Merrill.

The WJFW story said Walker had backed off the promise, telling the station he said they state was more than 133,000 down because of the recession and 250,000 wasn't a "magic number" but rather about jobs affecting people.

Later in Milwaukee, Governor Walker came out strongly that the state will reach the goal he set during his first campaign.

WJFW later reported that Walker's press secretary, Tom Evenson called and asked them to withdraw the story first reported on Monday. WJFW did not.

Evenson told WXPR that he did call WJFW, but only to ask them to change the headline on the story which Evenson says was inaccurate and he says they refused. Evenson didn't want to give an audio comment on the matter.

WJFW News Director John Quarderer also didn't want to give an audio comment on the matter, but did say they stand by the story.