8-11 A Good Date To Think About 8-1-1

Aug 11, 2014

Finding the line
Credit en.wikipedia.org

Wisconsin Public Service officials are using today's date to remind property owners to check out where utility lines are located before digging.

Numerically, today's date is 8 -11 on the calendar, and WPS is using the date to remind people about Digger's Hotline. The hotline provides a way to find out if utility lines cross your property.

Todd Steffen from Wisconsin Public Service says Diggers Hotline should be the first thing you do before starting the project...

"...we're advising folks that if you are doing any kind of digging that you call that you call 8-1-1 BEFOREĀ  you attempt that project....."

Steffen says cutting a utility line can cost the property owner and the neighborhood...

"....it could impact yourself as well as potentially your neighborhood and could cause some personal injury as well. It's just a good thing to call...."

Steffen says many people think the 8-1-1 call is for larger projects, but many times a line is cut when people are doing smaller projects around the home.