Abundant Bass Fishing Opportunities Arrive Saturday

Jun 11, 2013

If you like bass fishing, you likely will have ample opportunities to reel them in.

That's the word from DNR northern fisheries supervisor Steve Avelallemant.... 

Lucky angler
Credit Wikimedia Commons


"....bass abundance in the northern part of the state is high, or I should say, higher than it has been in the past...."

The bass season opener for this area begins Saturday.

The northern zone bass zone is roughly north of state Highways 64, 27 and 77. It opens Saturday. Avelallemant says it's not clear why bass are thriving...

 "....an increasing catch and release ethic...many folks put them back. We have some fairly restrictive harvest regulations on them...and then Ma Nature has been helping them with droughty conditions that have favored increased aquatic vegetation in many of our lakes..."

He says the better conditions for bass possibly discourage competitors like walleyes. He says impacts by people and the environment also affect populations.

Avelallemant says bass populations are increasing on all bodies of water. He says it might be a good time for anglers to try catching both largemouth and smallmouth species with the populations at high levels.