AH-CHOO! Ragweed Making Allergy Sufferers Miserable

Aug 25, 2014

Credit en.wikipedia.org

Your eyes are watery, nose is running, you're coughing and you feel lousy. Take heart: many with allergies are feeling the same thing this week.

Dr. Steve Kagen is an allergist from the Fox Valley. He say allergies are coming from  familiar culprits....

"....we're in the fall allergy season for ragweed which began on August 5. Usually ragweed will pollinate on August 15 and peak the first week of September right around Labor Day. So we're in the middle of ragweed season but we also have some grass and other pollens in the air as well...."

Kagen says mold is a problem this wetter-than-normal year in an agriculture and outdoors rich state like Wisconsin....

"....today, for example, our mold spore level was over 10,000 particles per cubic meter of air. That's quite a bit, actually. We have a lot of mold because of all the precipitation we've been having...."

He says you need to get some help to get through the season and there are many generic options over the counter. But if that doesn't work....

"...there's now an over the counter nasal steroid that can shrink up the allergy. There are many different medications you can try on your own, but if you're not feeling good, even when you try these medicines you should talk to your doctor or see an allergy specialist to see what is causing your symptoms...."

Dr. Kagen  was 8th District Congressman  a few years ago.