American Red Cross Announces National Giving Day

Jun 1, 2015


Wisconsin has sent 34 workers to Oklahoma and Texas to help with ongoing disaster relief. In that light, the American Red Cross is reminding people that when disaster strikes, it can change everything in a day. That’s the theme behind the American Red Cross’s new one-day national giving campaign, which takes place Tuesday. The Red Cross hopes to raise support for its general mission in 24 hours of giving.

Wendy Savage is the Executive Director of the Northcentral Chapter of the American Red Cross. Savage says almost everyday somewhere in WI there’s a home fire where a family or an individual is impacted. “We go right to the site," says Savage. "We work with the folks to make sure they have a safe place to stay. We make sure they have food for the next week and make sure we replace some of their basic clothing, just make sure they are okay.”

Once immediate needs have been addressed, Savage says, the Red Cross helps people "plan how to move forward outside of the crisis, how to get back to normal, how to contact your insurance agent, how to clean your clothes, those kinds of things.”

Funds raised in Tuesday’s drive go to support local and national relief efforts. People are asked to give online at