Antigo School District Begins To Look At Facility Options

Aug 19, 2015


Antigo School District residents got a chance Tuesday to hear from district officials about school facilities options.

The presentation laid out many options, some going back 20 years says District Administrator Dr. Donald Childs says. He says the informal meeting was a way to show the public the complexity of the situation. He says they will be putting cost estimates to the options and the positives and negatives of each option...

"....and get that down to two or three truly viable programs the community has an understanding of..."

Childs says the approach is to be as transparent as possible to show the public the multitude of options and issues. He says the board will begin to eliminate options at their next meeting, and then move to more public input meetings beginning next month...

"....I think we have a sense that at this point that a successful building program is going to have to have both a rural and city presence at the elementary level and from there it's likely that nothing is certain at this point...."

He says there will be many opportunities for the public to see all the facilities options in the coming weeks, but if they want to take the matter to a referendum, a decision to do so must  be made by the end of the year so it can be put on the spring ballot. He says more information is available on the district's website and Facebook pages.