Ascension Announces Branding, Legal Name Change

Sep 7, 2017

Credit Ascension-

The signs for many of the Northwoods medical facilities will be changing soon except for one well-known facility.

Ascension will have its name and brand on the facilities they have in the Northwoods says spokesperson Lara Barbour...

"....we're starting to rebrand and we're starting to adopt the name Ascension at all of our facilities across the state. What's exciting is that within the legacy of Ministry Health Care footprint. Our facilities across northern and central Wisconsin that have been part of Ministry Health Care are legally adopting the Ascension name legally as well as the new brand around Ascension across the region...".

In Rhinelander, it will be Ascension St. Mary's Hospital, in Tomahawk, Ascension Sacred Heart, and Ascension Eagle River Hospital and so on. One exception is Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff...

" the Woodruff market we're adopting the brand of Ascension but we're not changing the name of Howard Young Medical Center. That name stays the same but you will see the brand adopted at that hospital as well....."

The name stays the same there because of requirements of the Howard Young Trust that established the facility in Woodruff. In Park Falls, Flambeau Hospital's name will stay the same.

Barbour says the change is a legal name change and branding effort, but will not make changes in doctors, services or insurance. The legal name change took effect September 1. She says patients will soon see the Ascension logo on what had been Ministry Medical branded materials.