Attempted Homicide Charge Dropped For Crandon Man

Sep 12, 2013

A Crandon man has had an attempted first degree homicide charge dropped, but still could see substantial time behind bars.

22 year old Dakota Tuckwab was one of six men charged in Forest countyfollowing a melee at a Mole Lake home in February of 2012. A man and a woman were lured to the home. The man escaped out a window after being beaten and stabbed, while the woman escaped out of a room in which she was tied up.

Tuckwab has several charges and cases including later charges filed in January and July this year. His attorney, Jonathan Sherman told substitute Judge Patrick O'Melia from Oneida county that a global resolution was agreed to with the District Attorney's office.

The attempted homicide charge was dropped and Tuckwab pled no contest to felony bail jumping and substantial bodily harm. Many of the other charges will be read into the record at sentencing. Judge O'Melia told Tuckwab he still faces the potential of hefty prison time...


"....even if there was an agreement I can give you the max. As I told you the maximums for substantial bodily harm...three-and-a-half years(in prison) and $10,000(fine)....felony bail jumping is a $10,000 fine and up to six years...(in prison).....

Tuckwab will likely be sentenced in November. He remains free on bond.