Best Day Of The Week To Buy Gas? You're Probably Wrong

Jan 28, 2014


What day of the week do you think has the highest prices? What day has the lowest?

The website took four years of data and guess what part of the week has the lowest prices....


".....we tend to find Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday were the best four days over the last four years with the exact day switching from year-to-year...."


That's Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. He says Tuesday and Wednesday appear to be the days where prices rise.

Prices at the pump have stabilized after reaching lows, then rising a bit the past few weeks...


"....probably late February or early March, then we'll see the trend remain upward for the next several weeks. That comes as refineries begin performing maintenance reducing production as they prepare for the summer driving season and the impending switchover to cleaner burning summer gasoline...."

The average price in Wisconsin this week is down one cent from last week at $3.24 per gallon for lower grade unleaded gas.