Bike Trails Proposed In Presque Isle

Apr 12, 2018

Expanding bike routes in western Vilas County is proposed by the Presque Isle Wilderness Peddlers using county highway right-of-way with approval granted by the county highway committee to conduct a feasibility study on the potential routes.

Spokesperson Sarah Johnson appeared before the committee last Tuesday and outlined their request to use Highway W at Presque Isle west to Highway P and then south on Highway P to Highway K at the North Lakeland elementary school, all off the travel surface.

“We will do a feasibility study of the rights-of-way to determine what issues we might find, where exactly in the right-of-way the route would go, and the estimated cost,” Johnson said. “We have retained MSA Engineers for the feasibility study at a cost of $50,000.”

Johnson said parts of the route may use an existing snowmobile trail and they would have a different surface on those parts when built. They were given approval to do the study with the committee looking forward to see how the route would go. T

he Presque Isle town board indicated they support this effort to increase bike trails in their area using highway right-of-way.