Bill Adds Child Enticement To Property Forfeiture List

Jun 13, 2013

Bi-partisan support emerged for a bill authored by state Representative Rob Swearingen of Rhinelander.

Swearingen's bill would allow authorities to sieze the personal property or vehicle used in the crime of child enticement. Child enticement would be added to the list of crimes where forfeiture of property would be allowed.

Swearingen says the bill originated from a Northwoods incident...

34th Assembly Rep. Rob Swearingen
Credit Wisconsin legislature

" Eagle River, inĀ  Vilas

county, we had a case where the Internet was being used to entice children...the criminal would use their vehicle to entice children into the car...they would go to a state park or forest and potentially sexually abuse the child. So we opened up this section of the forfeiture law and we are including child enticement in that section..."

Assembly bill 212 was sent to the Senate after passing the Assembly on a voice vote.