Block Grant Turned Down For Eagle River

Jun 12, 2013

Credit Governor's office media

It looks like a block grant sought by fundraisers hoping to improve the Olson Memorial Library in Eagle River won't happen this year. Eagle River Mayor Jeff Hyslop says the city was informed the grant sought by the city for the library was not approved by the feds...

" this point the Community Development Block Grant was turned down. We received notification about a week ago. You can always reapply, but at this time, it was turned down. A lot of times with grants you will apply for them, get turned down, and it adds to your 'points' for the next time around..."

The library is in the process of fundraising to eventually double the size of the facility.

Hyslop says the city council Tuesday also rejected seeking a grant for the Eagle River police department. He says for the amount of money being sought, the council felt the red tape and expense of administering the grant money wasn't worth it.