Board Tightens Ring On Firewood Purchases

Jan 22, 2014

Buy campfire wood locally

The state Natural Resources Board voted unanimously in favor of key provisions to change the state's hunting culture -- changes drafted by Texas researcher James Kroll. One key provision eliminates in-person deer registrations at places like bars and gas stations, in favor of online and phone registrations.. Other changes include a reduction in deer management units, the creation of county committees to advise state wildlife experts on deer population goals.

Meanwhile, the Natural Resources Board also approved a 15-mile reduction in the distance campers can bring in firewood to state recreational facilities. The new distance is 10 miles instead of 25. The reason for the change...says DNR spokesperson Andrea Diss-Torrance.. is research showing far less exposure to invasive insects and diseases...


"....the change in distance was provoked by a change in several highly damaging pests that have been getting established in Wisconsin...."

The primary concerns include an insect, the Emerald Ash Borer, and Oak Wilt. Diss-Torrance says while it includes state parks and campgrounds, she says private campground owners are becoming increasingly concerned that the invasives could destroy the trees on their properties...


"....many private campgrounds are regulating the type of wood coming onto their property. If they got Emerald Ash Borer and most of their trees are ash, they could lose a huge draw to their property. So they have real skin in the fight there...."

The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest maintains a 25 mile distance for firewood purchases.