Bouche and Lakeland Board Agree To Contract

Mar 9, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons GP Reimer

Jim Bouché will step away from his duties as principal at Lakeland Union High School and become a part-time district administrator next year.

Bouché and the board have agreed to a one-year contract that begins July 1 of this year, and automatically renews for another year unless either party gives written notice of non-extension by December 31, 2018.

The school board approved the contract Monday. The board president and clerk signed it March 6 with Bouche signing it two days later. The contract calls for Bouché to devote three days per week, with two days on-site, to the duties and responsibilities of district administrator. For that, he will be paid $95,000 in salary, along with benefits including the district paying 90 percent of his group health insurance premium.

The position of full-time principal has yet to be offered to another person, although board president Ed Schaub hinted earlier that it could come from current staff.