Boulder Junction Lions Club to Host Centennial Celebration

Apr 18, 2017

An international club dedicated to community service is celebrating its 100th year, and local branches are coming together for a centennial celebration in Lac du Flambeau this weekend.

The Boulder Junction Lions Club and nearly 60 other lion and lioness clubs across eight northern Wisconsin counties will meet April 21 and 22 at Lake of the Torches Casino Conference Center for breakout sessions and trainings. President Jeff Lucas highlights this year’s convention…

 “…we have a very moving ceremony. It’s called the Service of Remembrance, and that’s an hour long service that’s held on Friday evening. We just recognize the lions who have passed away since the last convention. Their name is flashed up there on a power point presentation and family members go up there with a lighted candle and they light the candle of their loved one and get a rose."

Lucas says guest speakers will be a focal point of the convention…

 “…We’ve also a guest speaker, his name is Mr. Lenny Quinn and he will be our keynote speaker. He will talk about the Leader Dog Program as well as the Puppy Prison Program. He’s going to be here and he’s very moving and very inspirational.”

Other featured guest speakers will include the international director and past council chair.

The theme for the convention is the Roaring 20s. For more information contact Jeff Lucas at 715-385-0157.