Call WPS, Not 9-1-1 Says Spokesperson

Jun 27, 2013

Leah Van Zile
Credit WPS


With the severe weather in the region, Wisconsin Public Service officials say call them, not 9-1-1, if you see a problem.

Leah Van Zile from WPS says it's best to call them before the local police dispatch for a power-related problem...

"we really want to avoid bogging down the true, life-threatening emergencies at the 9-1-1 center.....calling Wisconsin Public Service if you do see something is the most efficient and really the best way to handle those..."

VanZile says when storms hit, be ready...

"...(be prepared) for summer storms and your family has a plan for safety. If there is a storm, what you're family will do.... a radio with fresh batteries...flashlights and anything else you might need to run on batteries for an extended period of time...."

The WPS emergency line is 800-450-7240. She says if you see a 'live' line on the ground don't go near it.