Can You Be On A County Board? Three Area Supervisors Say Yes

Nov 14, 2017

Credit yves guillou

Three members of Northwoods county boards say they enjoy their time as a supervisor and hope others consider running for the boards.

The League of Women Voters of the Northwoods is sponsoring a panel discussion with supervisors Thursday evening to give the public an insight into what they do and how a person can get involved.

One of the supervisors is Bob Mott, representing the Three Lakes and Pelican Lake area on the Oneida county board. He sits on a number of committees and says he's learned much from all the departments he's around.

He says he's glad he's retired because to do the job takes time and study...

" is terrifically rewarding and interesting. I'm impressed with the staff that we have in our departments throughout the county. I think they do a great job and it's fun associating with them and the other county board members as well...."

Erv Teichmiller represents District 6 in the Arbor Vitae area and has served 10 years. He says he enjoys the work... 

"...I'd like to think I made a contribution to the Vilas county board. I have concern about things like economic development, providing people with economic services they otherwise can't afford themselves, or because of the condition of their life, they need support...."

Pat Voermans is a relatively new member of the Lincoln County board from the Harrison and King areas. She says she finds the work to be interesting..

  "...we have good board members. I find it interesting how because that's a community effort, basically, an effort among board members to arrive at decisions and I'm finding it easier to do politics at this level than at a higher level..."

The meeting is Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at the Minocqua Public Library community room. All are welcomed.