Car Meets Hot Dog

Sep 27, 2013

The Wienermobile has arrived in the Northwoods.  

"Atta Dog Alex" peeks her head through the sunroof of the Wienermobile.
Credit Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

The Madison-based Oscar Meyer sends a small bus shaped like a hot dog on trips around the country.  There are two so-called hot doggers in charge of the wiener-mobile…their aliases are Atta Dog Alex and Sizzlin’ Steve.  Both in their early twenties, they say their day is spent traveling and visiting different events. 

“Anything that there needs to be smiles is where we’re at.  Probably the coolest thing is just traveling.  We get to see by the end of the year between 25 and 30 states. But were also just meeting really great people – every person is different that comes to see the Wienermobile.  That’s our job, spreading miles of smiles.  So it’s just great being able to make someone’s impression of the Wienermobile great every day.”

The two say they relish their jobs…pun intended.   

The Wienermobile is in the Northwoods this weekend.
Credit Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

They also report there are no actual hot dogs eaten on the Wienermobile on a regular basis.  But perhaps it’s not a surprise…the Wienermobile will be in a parade at Beef-o-Rama in Minocqua this weekend.  They’ll be raising money for the for the Lakeland Area Special Olympics.