Changes Coming To County UW-Extension Offices

Feb 16, 2016

Wisconsin’s first Cooperative Extension agent, E.L. Luther, was hired to serve in Oneida County in 1912.
Credit Oneida County UW-Extension

Changes are coming to your local UW-Extension office.

The state cut $3.6 million from the UW-Extension budget. This will result in the loss of 80 jobs from county offices for agriculture agents, 4-H and youth specialists and family living advisors.

At the Oneida County office, Extension leader Lynn Feldman says nothing is finalized, but could see more sharing of services. Administration would be consolidated and staff would be shared between groupings of counties...

"....this particular grouping has Vilas, Oneida, Forest and Florence counties together. Over the course of the next six months, that area leader will be in place..."

Feldman says the individuals will focus on certain areas in each county.Those educators would have leaders in certain areas....

" person, maybe if they're a Family Living Educator may be focusing on a strong bones program. 4-H Youth person may be overseeing those programs in those counties. Another may be focusing on Teen Court...."

Extension chancellor Cathy Sandeen said last week that each county would still have Extension offices and programs for Four-H and Master Gardeners. Changes could begin in early July, but officials say most layoffs would take place early next year.