City Gives Oneida County Fair Leaders A Thank You

Aug 13, 2013

Credit UW-Extension

The Rhinelander city council has given a tribute to a successful 2013 Oneida County Fair.

The fair is held at Pioneer Park in Rhinelander and finished 10 days ago.

Rhinelander Mayor Dick Johns Monday night gave Fair Coordinator Nancy Gehrig, also representing many volunteers, a plaque to say job well done...


"...whereas Nancy Gehrig and many, many fair volunteers gave so much time and effort to make the 2013 Oneida County Fair a booming success...and we really mean that..."

The fair estimates 20,000 visitors came to the free event August 1-3. Gehrig says the city's cooperation was key...


"I have to thank each and everyone of you guys that helped coordinating all this. The street crew...that worked out perfect...."

Gehrig estimated that gross proceeds from the fair were around $43,000.