Conover-Phelps Trail Moving Closer To Construction

Dec 20, 2016

Part of the Conover-Phelps trail

Due to a surge in donations, the trail connection between Conover and Phelps looks to be moving closer to reality.

Jeff Currie is the President of Great Headwaters Trails, working to get the work going next summer on the next 5.5 miles section of trail. He says the project is more than 85 percent toward its funding goal.

He says they were $250,000 short of their funding goal one year ago...

"....we were $170,000(short) just a month ago. We're less than $80,000 away from fully funding the trail project. As of now we have a new $10,000 challenge match that was set up by some Conover and Phelps donors...."

He says a recent challenge has been matched, and another $10,000 match has been offered by Conover-Phelps donors...

"....people who up a $15,000 fund that was matched and this new $10,000 fund. Tara Lila which contributed $30,000 again this year and has been a mainstay in lots of trail development. The Three Eagle Trail(Three Lakes to Eagle River) and now the Conover-Phelps trail...."

The funding would build the section to Song Hill Lane just south of Phelps. The group would like to finish the final two miles to downtown Phelps in 2018. The first 3.2 miles was completed north from Conover Community Park.

Currie says between now and February 1 people who donate will get their pledges matched to $10,000. More information on the development is on the Great Headwaters Trails website at