Counties Vote Against Walker's Medicaid Expansion Denial

Sep 26, 2013

The Wisconsin Counties Association voted this week in disapproval of the state’s rejection of extra federal funding for Medicaid.  Sarah Diedrick-Kasdorf, Senior Legislative Associate for Wisconsin Counties Association, says the vote reaffirmed a position the group has held since 2011.

“As counties, when we all have the same position, when we all talk from one voice, it really provides support for our issues.”

A dozen individual counties have passed similar resolutions.  Diedrick-Kasdorf points out that the issue is relevant because counties provide medical services, particularly in the mental health realm. 

“The more individuals who have access to the program, the greater the likelihood that they will come into receive a county service with a payer source behind them.  If not it’s the county taxpayer that picks up the tab for the services.”

Diedrick-Kasdorf also notes individual access to preventative care helps counties save money in the long run. 

She says now that a big portion of the affordable care act is set to take effect in the coming months, the state and counties are focused on implementing the changes.  Because Governor Walker turned down federal assistance for Medicaid, 92,000 current Medicaid recipients will no longer be eligible in 2014.