County, Rhinelander Agree On Lindey Property Sale

May 21, 2014

A future parking lot
Credit WXPR

The Oneida county board has signed off on a plan to help the city of Rhinelander dispose of the hazardous Lindey Cleaners property downtown.

The former owners owe about $70,000 in back taxes, but the county was hesitant to foreclose because of the chemicals in the former dry cleaners. The city and county have reached agreement for the county to convey the property to the city, with the city paying 2014 fees.

The city is in the process of getting federal grants to pay for the demolition of the building and needed cleanup. County Land Information Director Mike Romportl(rom-port-ul) says the process will lead to a resolution...

", it stops the cost to the county to pay the taxes to the city, and the city has taken on the responsibility and liability to remediate the site. The city has applied for a (federal) grant to cover most of the cost....."

The city wants to turn the building into a parking lot. Romportl says if the federal grant doesn't come through, no action will take place and it will continue as a blighted property. The county board passed the resolution assigning the property to the city pending the grant.