Cranberry Growers Concerned About Trade Tariffs

Mar 13, 2018


Two well-known products of the Northwoods would be impacted if the European Union retaliates against tariffs placed on goods.

The trade commissioner for the European Union confirms American cranberries and Harley-Davidson motorcycles could face counter-measure tariffs. The E-U is responding to plans by President Donald Trump to put a 25-percent tariff on foreign steel and a 10-percent tariff on foreign aluminum.

The cranberry crop is big business for Wisconsin. In some seasons, the state has produced more than half of the world's supply of cranberries. Over-supply and falling prices have already hurt cranberry producers, so losing even part of the European market would be a big blow.

WXPR's Ken Krall spoke with Tom Lochner, Executive Director for the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association about what it could mean for cranberry growers, many located in the Northwoods...

European Union tariffs could also hit motorcycle-maker Harley-Davidson, parts of which are made in Tomahawk.