Crandon Area Woman Facing Hundreds Of Animal Abuse Charges

Apr 19, 2017

Patricia Kirker
Credit Forest County Sheriff's Department

A 52 year old rural Crandon woman has been charged with 156 counts... 6 felonies and the rest misdemeanors... after a raid recently on her property where authorities allege was mistreatment of animals.

Patricia Kirker has been charged after a raid last month involving ASPCA investigators along with law enforcement. They removed 40 wolf-dog hybrids and sickly horses from her property. Kirker has also been charged in another case with drug-related crimes.

Court documents indicate Kirker had one bag of dog food for the 40 canines, and little water for them. She appeared in Forest County Court Wednesday morning.

She is jailed on a $5,000 cash bond from the drug charges, and a $10,000 cash bond on the cruelty to animal charges.