D.A.--Committee Violated Open Meetings Law

May 13, 2014

Rhinelander city hall
Credit Royalbroil-commons.wikimedia.org

A Rhinelander committee violated the state's open meetings law, but won't get fined...this time.

City council member Alex Young asked for an investigation into a meeting held April 2 by the Rhinelander Tourism Marketing Committee. District Attorney Michael Schiek had the Oneida County Sheriff's Department investigate.

In response, Schiek said the committee is a group that falls under the provisions of the open meetings law, and as such, must give a full 24 hours public notice prior to meeting. The meeting had been noticed on April 1, with the meeting held 22 hours later.

Schiek said the committee was created by city ordinance and falls under the law and must give required full notice. He says it appears the committee did meet sooner than 24 hours. Schiek said he issued a warning to Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce Director Dana DeMet, requiring him to take training on the state's open meetings law, but no forfeitures would result unless another violation occurred.