District Attorney Says No Violations In Open Records Question

Nov 3, 2016

Rhinelander City Hall
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Oneida County District Attorney Michael Schiek has determined no open records violations occurred when two Rhinelander alderman released closed meeting evaluations after the firing of former City Administrator Kristina Aschenbrenner.

Tom Gleason and Steve Sauer sent the media their evaluations of Aschenbrenner. Wisconsin law prohibits the release of that material as a rule. But in a letter to the city regarding the complaint, Schiek says because Aschenbrenner gave permission to have the information released, no violations of the law took place.

City Council president George Kirby has filed formal ethics complaints against Sauer and Gleason over their release of the records. Those complaints are scheduled to be heard during the council's November 14 meeting. A separate complaint against Sauer filed by Kirby was dismissed at the last council meeting. Sauer allegedly had engaged in a social media chatter with people upset with the tearing down of a city ice rink.

Kirby said it was in the best interest to forget that ethics complaint and it was dropped.