DNR: Don't Trash Old Electronics--Recycle Them

Dec 22, 2013

Electronics recycling
Credit Cascade Asset Management/Wisconsin DNR

New electronics often find their way under the Christmas tree and a DNR spokesperson says don't throw the old electronics out in the trash.

The E-Cycle Wisconsin program began about four years ago as electronics manufacturers help fund the recycling program.

Coordinator Sarah Murray describes what should be e-cycled...


"....so if folks have old TV's, computers, computer accessories, any type of computer electronics like that there's several sites throughout the state where they can take those to be properly recycled...."

She says there's a combination of toxic materials in the electronics along with valuable materials....


"....like that old tube style TV that a lot of us still have in our basement, there's a lot of lead in the glass there's other potentially toxic substances like mercury in some electronics. And even more than that when it's done through proper high-tech reycling they're able to recover and reuse...."


In 2010, the state banned many devices from landfills and incinerators and created the E-Cycle Wisconsin program.


There were nearly 450 permanent collection sites, along with approximately 250 special collection events in 67 of Wisconsin's 72 counties, covering 99 percent of the state's population.

More information is on the DNR website.