Don't Forget Pets And Your Safety In The Bitter Cold

Dec 31, 2013

Even the Iditarod dogs are protected

The cold snap can cause problems for not only humans but pets and a Division of Emergency Management spokesperson says just because they have fur doesn't mean they're cold-proof.

Tod Pritchard says there are a few things to remember....

"....dogs and cats can get frostbitten ears, and nose and of course their paws are especially vulnerable to not only the cold but to other things like salt we put down on our sidewalk, and to anti-freeze which people know is very deadly to pets and that sometimes can leak out...."

Humans, too, need to remember what can happen if your car stops in the cold. Pritchard says keep a survival kit in your car...

"....the cold can really affect your car. Your battery can lose about fifty percent of your battery power(in the cold) so if you have a battery that is on the edge, it's very possible for it to not work and be unable to start your car at these temperatures..."

He says keep a small amount of food in the car, a flashlight and a cellphone adapter, and blankets.

Pritchard says more on these topics are available at the state Ready Wisconsin website.