Dr. Sookochoff Named MMG President

Jan 31, 2014

An area health care provider has selected a new President. Ministry Medical Group

has named Dr. Robert Sookochoff to lead the group of clinics in the Ministry Health

Care system.

Ministry spokesman Geoffrey Huys says Sookochoff has been seeing patients and

showing leadership in the organization for over 30 years. "He has served as a regional

Vice President for Ministry Medical Group’s northern region, so he spent a lot of time

up in the northern region of Rhinelander, Eagle River, Woodruff, but he’s been involved

in a lot of activities across the system."

Huys says the new President is looking forward to the challenge of getting more

integration of systems between their various health services. "Part of it will be

continuing to get the medical practices integrated with our hospitals and other services

we provide, and we also, as you are probably aware, are affiliated with Affinity Health

System, which is over in the Fox Valley, and the medical group there, so I think both of

those medical groups will be working together more. That will be part of Bob’s work."

Ministry Medical Group operates Ministry Health Care’s 47 clinics, and has over 650

physicians and 12,000 health care associates.

(Thanks Larry Lee WSAU)