Eagle River Businesses Hit By Burglars

Aug 14, 2013

Lock your doors
Credit myweb.stedwards.edu

It's as simple as locking the door.

Eagle River police chief Mark Vander Bloomen is reminding city businesses to make sure doors are locked at night when they go home.

Four businesses have been burglarized recently and it doesn't follow the using pattern...


"....the consistent them we've found on all four of them has been no signs of forced entry. No pry marks on the doors, no broken glass or something like that. What is possibly happening is people are just forgetting to lock a door or they think they locked it, but then someone else went out it...."

Chief Vander Bloomen says mostly the day's receipts of cash have been taken by burglars trying the doors after hours. He didn't say how much was taken, but he said all together from all the thefts it was a large amount of money. He says there are some simple solutions...


"....just as a matter of routine, businesses should just get in the habit of making nightly deposits or removing the money from the business each night, just to safeguard against loss...."

....and Chief VanderBloomen notes...make sure the door is locked when the last person working is done for the day.

He says contact Eagle River Police if you have any questions.