Everyone Needs To Be Aware To Stop Spread Of Invasives: Boismenue

Jun 20, 2017

Invasive buffle grass
Credit Wikimedia Commons

June is Invasive Species Awareness Month and a local coordinator hopes everyone does their part to help stop the spread. An invasive is any plant or animal introduced outside their natural ecosystem

. Oneida County Land and Water Conservation Department's Stephanie Boismenue says people should be on the outlook for anything that could be spread on shoes, boots, car tires, bait bucket, live well...

"...if it doesn't belong, don't bring it along...' 

Boismenue says we have to be aware that whatever actions we take might transport a terrestrial, aquatic or wetland invasive. She says an invasive species will outweigh any beneficial effect. Humans are the primary means of spreading invasives.

She says get rid of invasives on your property and has some other tips...

"..never release aquarium fish, snails, plants, live bait or exotic animals into water bodies.. Construction workers need to clean their machines before moving to a new job site. Inspect your boat, trailer and equipment and remove any attached plants, animals, mud or sand. Drain the water from boat, motors, live wells and never move live fish away from a water body...."

Boismenue says invasive species are costly to our economy costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars to clean up.