Extension Survey Asks Oneida Co. Residents Likes, Dislikes

Mar 11, 2014

An Oneida county lake
An Oneida county lake
Credit deanbakerphotography.com
  Oneida County UW-Extension is asking county residents to fill out a survey about what they think about living here. Extension leader Erica Brewster says rather than have formal meetings, they've put a series of questions on a website called "Survey Monkey". She says they're hoping to take the pulse of Oneida county residents...  

".....how people view our community, in terms of the general vitality of our community...how well are we doing?..But then some specific factors, transportation, education, and economic opportunity, who lives here and how do they participate? Housing, food security and access to health care...

 ...and several other questions. Previously, two community forums were held. Brewster says this method would be easier to reach more people, rather than one meeting that many people might not be able to attend. Brewster says the survey will be on-going, as they also want to catch summer visitors here. She says they hope to report the results in a couple of stages, after a representative number of surveys are gathered....  

"....if you live or work in Oneida county, we want your input, no matter what, your age, how long you've lived here. We want to hear from as many different viewpoints as possible..."

 Brewster says there's a link on Oneida County UW-Extension website.